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The Hidden Origins of Nazism (3)



(Part 3) How Did Things Lead To This?

We cannot help but wonder how Ottoman-based secret societies became so firmly entrenched in the financial affairs of modern Europe and the United States. There is certainly nothing wrong with preserving the vivid myths, oral traditions, and literature of our distant past. But the official standpoint of Freemasonry is one of keeping secrets. Instead of disseminating knowledge, it seeks to prevent the general public from being well-informed. Thus, it flourishes as an organized body of intellectual greed and self-interest. What's worse, it misapplies allegory to suit its interpretation of the murder of the ancient temple builder Hiram Abif, and the punishment of his assailants, in a manner resembling the violence of Jack the Ripper.
A well-know aspect of Freemasonry is that all members must vow to help Masons experiencing difficulties, even if it means intervening in a courtroom. This is the essence of cronyism, a partiality to long-standing friends or "brethren" by empowering them without regard for their qualifications. Because it shows no honor to family loyalties, cronyism is even worse than nepotism or the favoring of relatives because of their family relationship. Many social scientists have warned us that the prevailing danger today is not a theory of conspiracy, which is no more than a misleading hoax to produce fear. The real threat is cronyism, especially in public office.

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The Cronies Have Spoken! Freemasonry often compares itself to various humanitarian organizations such as the Salvation Army or sometimes even the Boy Scouts. But American Masons continue to post on the internet a long list of the names of people who disagree with them. Such online "profiling" methods are not legal in some areas because they publicly ridicule private individuals and question their integrity and sanity for making open remarks against the secret brotherhood. 

It appears that a Masonic research outfit based in Bangor, Maine is compiling and publishing online files that may infringe on the privacy of US citizens. 

To skirt legal issues it seems they have appointed a fall guy, "the Worshipful" Big Brother X, who claims he is solely responsible for exposing non-masons online and that he is just providing a wholesome public relations service - an approach that English Freemasons entirely disagree with. Big Brother X's email address is like flypaper: he doesn't answer queries but anything sent to him might be posted on the web and used to scoff at non-masons, including people's names and email addresses, which is actually not permitted. (All email is intended only for the use of the addressee and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Unauthorized dissemination, distribution or copying of email communication is strictly prohibited...)  Big Brother X also claims that he keeps a "porno" website, where things he finds lewd or obscene against Freemasonry can be viewed by the brethren. Is this really the worthy role of a humanitarian organization, or just more proof that Freemasons have been keeping blacklists of their critics for centuries? How would you like to see your name posted on the Internet, next to Hitler's and Goering's, because you openly expressed misgivings about Freemasonry?

It is highly unlikely that Big Brother X is acting alone. His website http://masonicinfo.com/ is only the tip of a die-hard cronyist iceberg. He is also the "Senior Warden" and webmaster of the Maine Lodge of Research, whose stated purpose is to provide a forum for the study, discussion and diffusion of Masonic knowledge, and the challenges of the future. In fact, Big Brother X is the network administrator for the Maine Masonic Temple. The Grand Lodge of Maine was formed in 1820, and its first Grand Master was William King, then Governor of the State of Maine. A recent topic of the Maine Lodge of Research was the sad story of Elijah Woodman:

Elijah Crocker Woodman, a farmer and lumberman by occupation, was born in Maine in 1797. The Canadian government had passed a law forbidding the importation of slaves. But it was legislation that many America Freemasons (esp. plantation slave-owners) were violently opposed to. Calling themselves "liberators" American extremists and Masonic mercenaries launched an armed uprising against the Canadian government. After several of them had been placed in jail, Woodman visited them in 1838 but was arrested on the charge of furnishing prisoners with knives and files to enable them to break out of their cells. "These rascally proceedings made me a rebel," he later wrote. He spent the rest of his life either in prison or exiled abroad for his so-called "Masonic ideals." He died at sea in 1847. Slavery was not abolished in America until 1865. Freed slave Prince Hall is often recognized as the Father of Black Masonry in the United States. But as an example of bad taste, "Prince" is the name of a dog-cartoon representing Big Brother X's website search engine, at the bottom of each of his pages. To this day, Grand Lodges in the United States refuse to initiate anyone with African blood and typically reject the legitimacy of the Black Masonic Grand lodges.

The Grand Lodge of Maine claims it enjoys the respect and confidence of the Masonic world. However, The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has disagreed: "This [Big Brother X] is clearly an American Mason. His site is not one recognised by us."

It may be argued that English Freemasonry is to some extent based on nepotism, due to the fact that a member of the Royal Family is traditionally recognized as its principal leader. But American Freemasonry, on the other hand, has degenerated into "a tentacular network" of cronyism

  • The Tennessee Highway Patrol is experiencing deep-seated problems of cronyism and revelations that dozens of state troopers have criminal records. Cronyism "had been accepted as part of the culture there, and we had been busy with other things," a state commissioner said.

  • It was reported that the directors of an American rail company, appointed based on cronyism, not competence, are shirking their responsibilities and dismantling - through outsourcing and privatization schemes - the very rail company they are charged with strengthening. "If we don't stop this runaway train, millions of passengers will lose vital rail service along the Northeast Corridor and across America."

  • USA hockey is so much about cronyism that a brilliant Stanley Cup winning coach wasn't even considered for the assignment to lead the 2006 Olympic team, the powers-that-be instead handing the job to someone else, which immediately cast doubt on whether the Gold standard would be applied to selecting the squad. Meanwhile, in the boxing world of Las Vegas, there was heightening suspicion that an appointment to the commission was an act of cronyism and not a decision made with the best interests of the sport in mind.

  • In Florida, a  judge who ordered police to illegally release a friend's teenage son after a drunken driving arrest earned a reprimand for cronyism. In Pennsylvania, a  judge’s nephew was recently hired as an adult probation/parole officer – the latest in a string of court officials’ relatives hired for court jobs that “create the appearance of nepotism and cronyism.”  Also in Pennsylvania, pay raises for judges have thrown doubt upon their dignity and judicial independence and drawn attention to the coerciveness of political cronyism.

These are only a few examples that appear every single day in the newspapers. It is well-known that a prevailing culture of corruption and cronyism has resulted in disastrous consequences for most Americans. But American Freemasons seem to be unconscious of the great misfortune their association has helped produce. This is sometimes described as Manchurian Cronyism: repetitive brainwashing through rituals to implant the ideology of cronyism as a glorious thing based on inconsistent brotherhood principles. We are often asked why so many famous and successful Americans are Freemasons. The answer is very simple: a piece of the pie. They became Masons in order to stay famous and remain successful. Because inner-circle cronyism is a guarantee of connecting with society's power brokers and opinion leaders. But cronyism is the de facto opposite of reform. It amounts to a serious erosion of dignity, honor, and respect, regardless of what the so-called brethren may think of themselves. Indeed, it has been synonymous with "conspiracy" in the popular press for almost three hundred years.

It should send a chill down every American's spine to know that small neighborhood lodges virtually control their local governments. Cronies that have never been elected and remain entirely unknown act as policy directors, are awarded public contracts, always get the right jobs, and enjoy excessive benefits, simply because they joined a closed, oligarchic club. "The national wealth was passed on to the hands of relatively few, well connected, individuals, at a ridiculously low price."

American Freemasonry has now become a symbol or emblem of the cronyism of our age, influenced by self-serving friendships. An undercover police officer once indicated that Masons receive special treatment if arrested, and that it is a common procedure in many parts of the world: "Nope, no cronyism here." It is disagreeable to most Americans that Freemasons consider their flawed philosophy of elitism as "compassionate cronyism." But if we truly want to protect our institutions and secure our democracy against cronyism, we must let merit be the test. The "old boys" network must be revealed - not as a fact of life - but a scheme of intolerance, insidious brown nosing, and shameless favoritism based on the efficacy of "being a member." In the early 1920s, Adolf Hitler explained the scope of his Nazi Party based on Sebottendorff's racist views of the Turkish Sufi tradition and the cold-hearted cronyism of degenerated Freemasonry:

"Their [the Freemasons] hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say without bothering the brains but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult - all this is the dangerous element and the element I have taken over. Don't you see that our party must be of this character? ...An Order, that is what it has to be - an Order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood."

For oligarchic-driven hacks "cronyism means never having to say you're sorry." Such is the presumptuousness of secret ritualists; the opinion that members can hinder the freedom or privacy of others because of their Masonic connections. Below is a regretful "swift-boat" example of Big Brother X's online attempt to ridicule dissent by presenting his opponent (our webmaster) as "a liar," and the reply he finally received in the form of a White House letter:

Mr. Kapnistos sent an e-mail to the United Grand Lodge of England to complain about this site saying "I have repeatedly stated that I do not oppose all forms of Freemasonry. My websites criticize Ottoman militancy and pro-Muslim charities that could funnel money to terrorists. MI6 is concerned about it and you should be too." He also proceeded to tell them that they need to state their opinion on Harry Potter and more. And then came the 'clincher': "What's worse, [Big Brother X] is apparently standing in the way of me being accepted as a useful member of your society. Please ask yourselves: Should I be publicly "black-listed" by unauthorized crackpots even though I have received correspondence from the Vice President of the U.S., am in contact with one of the world's leading psychics, and could prove to be a valuable resource within your society?" He adds in closing: "'The stone the builders refused became the head stone of the corner.' Please remember the simple 'cephas' parable. A person once profiled or humiliated by your members may one day become the leader of your society." Part of the Royal Family, are you Mr. Kapnistos? We don't think you're going to be the leader of the UGLE unless you can pull THAT little trick out of a hat - and even if a member of the Royal Family were not the leader of the United Grand Lodge of England, we somehow don't quite see them coming to you to fulfill that role. Oh, and just so you know: we get all sorts of letters from the Vice President and from many others in the government. Many of them begin "Dear Potential Contributor....". Perhaps Mr. Kapnistos will provide some proof for his 'naval intelligence' and 'letter from the VP' claims on his website?


Big Brother X added more comments about our webmaster to his Masonicinfo site after the above letter was posted:

(Masonicinfo Note: Oh, and now he's determined all by himself that there's some sort of nefarious group doing this so-called profiling with me as their lackey. <ROFL> I wish somebody would tell me who they are so I can ask for a raise!)

Big Brother X feels that he is paid too little for what he does. Being the Senior Warden and webmaster of the Maine Lodge of Research is apparently not such a lucrative position. We can only wonder why he's wasted his time with such painstaking devotion for so many years. As for the "so-called profiling" he tries to deny, Big Brother X says so himself, right here: "Please Note: Before accusing someone of being anti-Masonic, be SURE you're addressing the same person as the one you find outlined here. Many of these names are common ones and the person you know may very likely NOT be the person we've profiled." There can be little doubt that Big Brother X is grooming a team of "accusers" to harass the persons "profiled" on his website. He posted it himself at http://www.masonicinfo.com/people.htm (as our lawyer has noticed!) and joked that persons profiled without their permission were 'honored' with our attention. Judge and jury? The European Union is keen on trapping American Masonry if it tries to impose its dominant power or control over EU citizens' employment or occupation. "Sam apparently believes that because this site [Masonicinfo] appears so highly in internet rankings, potential employers come here to read about his behavior and then don't hire him." Suppose for a moment that the American Church of Satan released the personal information and the names of people in the world who spoke out against the devil. Certainly that would cause a public outcry. What if the Boy Scouts published the names of parents who did not allow their children to become scouts, in order to show that such persons are fanatical or stupid parents? It would surely be condemned as a violation of privacy rights. So, exactly what purpose does the Masonicinfo online profiling campaign really serve? For many, it brings discredit on American Freemasonry and opens a new chapter in Victimology

(Masonicinfo Note: It's curious, though, that in another message he wrote "But some of my best friends are high-ranking masons." You know, you'd think that if Masons were as bad as he claims, he wouldn't have them as "best friends", wouldn't you?)

Masonicinfo should know that we also have "best friends" from both Republican and Democratic circles, seated at the same table. Watergate doesn't make every Republican guilty. Neither does every Democrat bear the humiliation of the Clinton impeachment scandal. Fortunately, not every Freemason is as censorious and cynical as Big Brother X. His apparent strategy is to make critics of masonry appear to be "laughable" cranks (playing with a band at weddings, clinically-diagnosed ongoing mental health problems, etc). (Masonicinfo Note: Does this really need further comment from us? <chuckle>. Judge Freemasonry by its enemies!)  His "Masonic attempt" to paint people as either black or white, serious or ridiculous, is an obvious effect of his non-performance (i.e. why he won't get that raise). In describing Freemasonry on its website, Masonicinfo fails to mention that it's an esoteric fraternity. A historical mountain of evidence in the world press suggests that the "Wise Craft" practiced by some Masons was traditionally associated with witchcraft. Most psychologists say that persons preoccupied with the occult may be emotionally challenged. But Masonicinfo wants its readers to recklessly believe that resisting or refusing to comply with an esoteric brotherhood is some sort of bigotry or hatred: "Scratch and anti-Mason and find an anti-Semite!"

Mr. Kapnistos has now added material to his site showing that he had ostensibly written a letter to US Vice President Walter Mondale about - nope, not Naval Intelligence matters but rather.... hold on for this one.... BOOK BINDING!!!!! Oh, and what's more, it wasn't NAVAL INTELLIGENCE and he wasn't a part of it: it was NASA - the National Aeronautics & Space Administration. They're just a bit different, though he doesn't seem to know that: one deals in national security and the other has those big rockets that carry the astronauts into space.

Big Brother X was somewhat disturbed to learn that our correspondence with the Vice President concerned NASA and not the US Navy. Sorry Big Brother X, but you really should mind your own business when it comes to big rockets. In your own words, "What does any of this have to do with Freemasonry?" NASA Book binding. Undercover, out of sight... For our readers' information "electronic book binding" was a phrase first used by the Vice President in 1977 to describe what we now call the "laptop" or notebook computer. (Our original proposal was a computerized notebook designed for space flight.)

The Masonicinfo website had some hyperlinks to "the obscenities and diatribes" of James T--. But those links are no longer active. Big Brother X never explained why reading T--'s lewd obscenities would make us better persons. He wrote that our webmaster "made a claim that we maintain an inappropriate type of website somewhere (unspecific)." But Big Brother X clearly specifies here http://www.masonicinfo.com/r---.htm  and here Backspace Affair and here http://www.home.earthlink.net/~masonicinfo/ that his inappropriate Masonic website concerns Mike R--: 
Yes, folks: it's the site that you've wanted:
Mike R-- - complete and uncensored!
You wanted it - and he begged for it!
Here it is! 
We felt it prudent to move our content which clearly documents the egregious behavior of this self-proclaimed evangelical Roman Catholic/Martinist and rabid anti-Mason to a separate location in order to keep our main site - Anti-Masonry: Points of View @ masonicinfo.com - free from the sexual innuendo and adult material which has become such a staple of Mike's behavior of late.

The Senior Warden (or online ideological guard) of Masonicinfo targets people who post leisure-time nonsense notes on various message boards, as if they express firm opinions for future resolution ("without a functional life but with a big mouth"). As a Masonic apologist, Big Brother X has published false statements concerning his aggressive profiling campaign - he denies ever doing it, but he also publicly admits it here. Indeed, he has listed on his website without permission the names and personal information of hundreds of private citizens who have spoken out against the cronyism of Freemasonry (some are supposedly mentally ill, adding insult to injury). He even solicits other Masons to collect and report scandalous information: "Should anyone (and particularly any Mason) find our site inadequate or lacking information they feel essential or should they wish to add essays or explanations about individuals, concepts, or ANYTHING they've read here, they should PLEASE not hesitate to send us their submissions." Capricious inventions to produce sympathy for Masonry? Big Brother X also denies ever hosting a sex-rated adult website, but he adventurously advertises one ("You wanted it") to his fellow Freemasons here. Notice how the enticing quality of cronyism tends to stupefy or make numb the realization that the "old boys" have conferred nobleness to a morally wrong practice: profiling - recording behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to identify a particular group of people.

If you have been blacklisted by MasonicInfo or similar online groups, here are some important facts: Unless you are a public figure or under criminal investigation by federal or state authorities, your personal information (including your name, work history, medical record, and email) is protected by law. No one has a right to make that information public without your consent. If you are mentally ill (unfit for entering contracts or other legal obligations), no one has an unqualified right to make your personal information public, even with your consent. 

It is illegal to publish, post, or distribute unauthorized information concerning a private person's past. In-depth background checks could unearth information that is irrelevant, taken out of context, or just plain wrong (false or inflated information). A further concern is that a report might include information that is classified or criminal to use (as in identity theft) or which comes from questionable sources. You have the right to make a complaint if you think your personal information has been mishandled, especially by unauthorized persons. If you ask the administrators of MasonicInfo (or similar groups) to delete your files from their databases and they refuse or fail to do so, they are in direct violation of the Privacy Act (as an organization interfering with the privacy of an individual) and will be subject to legal proceedings. We say "will be" because judiciary authorities simply cannot witness rampant privacy violations and choose to do nothing about it. By their lack of action, they will ultimately risk losing their own office or position. The law permits us to voice grievances against institutions, organizations, and social systems. But it does not allow us to disparage or belittle private individuals. We are free to picket a motor company during a strike or cry loudly against a rival football team. But publishing a hostile list of private individuals' names without their permission is a criminal offense. For example, if your name and / or content is being used on a website, you may subject that site's administrators to a royalty. The royalty typically is a sum of money to be paid to you. If they cannot come to agreement but continue to use your name and / or content, you may sue the infringers. If your name and / or content is being used on a website without your permission to mock or make fun, you may also claim financial compensation for defamation and injury. 


The marriage of oil and technology, prolonged unrest in the Middle East, and the appearance of the Euro as a new world currency led to September 11, or the "New Pearl Harbor." The improbable psychological archetype of "Forty Thieves from a Magic Cave" suddenly sprang out as a trigger for the curtailment of US privacy rights and the collapse of the Geneva agreement. Questionable surveillance technology previously not marketable was now billed heavily to taxpayers. It was reported that one of the buildings destroyed at the World Trade Center contained important CIA archives. A supposed backup set of archives at the Pentagon was also allegedly destroyed. If so, the CIA was effectively weakened, forced to start over again on sensitive issues. However, the new center of American intelligence shifted towards the military. Wiretapping and the unauthorized profiling of private citizens, like the Maine example cited above, became commonplace. 

Photos of prison tortures soon emerged with the practice of rendition, or transporting prisoners in private jets. We are now told by the media that at least one high ranking terrorist ("like Bin Laden") is probably being held as a secret prisoner. The general public and even members of Al Qaeda may believe he is free and in control, but we must assume that he's actually a prisoner sedated and transported in private jets. To see how rendition and identity theft may have been used in the 1940s to set the stage for world war, please scroll down to the bottom of this page...
On June 29, 2006, the Supreme Court ruled that the military commissions President Bush established to try detainees held at Guantanamo prison violated the Geneva Conventions and US law.

  In medieval traditions, the Black Mass first became known as a parody of certain religious festivities (called Feasts of Asses), with the reverse reading of biblical scriptures. Just for the record, "Jesus Christ" pronounced backwards is:

ts'irk sa-syge

Psycholgists have observed that elements of reverse speech sometimes become subconscious expressions. The reverse of Jesus Christ (and other important names) may somehow affect everyone, whether we believe it or not.

* * *

Significant milestones from the occult life of Aleister Crowley.

For more on Cryog Man's botched revival, see this video:

In every major western city today we can now find secret Masonic lodges dedicated to Eastern Shrines, the wearing of Ottoman fez caps, the subtle debunking of Jesus, and a reverence for genii and Arabian tales. Most Masonic groups claim to be business clubs concerned with preserving mystical truths of the Aryan or white race for the purpose of pleasure (which in some cases borders on rowdiness) as opposed to the Hebrew or Christian faith. 

Designers of the modern NATO emblem apparently had no scruples of conscience when incorporating an occult swastika into their pattern for a New World Order. Speaking in NATO's favor, some associate members maintain that since the original swastika cross is an ancient mark of power, we should not condemn it because it was used for a few years by the German Nazi regime. Let the good fellows also use it, they say, and restore it to rank as an ancient symbol of superior universal force.

In one of the rituals of Freemasonry, the Royal Arch is where the Masonic "true ineffable name of god" - Jahbulon, is conveyed. It is the equivalent of the 32nd Degree in the Scottish Rite. But what most people in the West are totally ignorant of is that "(as-ton) Yahbulon" is how the phrase "(go-to) Diabolon" (Greek for devil, accuser, slanderer) is informally pronounced in abusive slang language of many regions of Anatolia. In parts of Cyprus, and Asia between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Yahbulon is actually a curse word, equivalent to Lucifer.

During initiation, a candidate to Master Mason degree is blindfolded, a rope is tied around his neck, and his trouser cuff is rolled up. This initiation rite is said to be a re-enactment of the murder of Hiram Abif, the central hero-figure of Freemasonry. But its roots go much deeper. The Masonic Hoodwink, or blindfold ceremony is similar to a celebrated Muslim legend that Allah commanded Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ishmael on Mount Mina near Mecca. Ibrahim, unable to see himself kill his son, blindfolded himself and carried out the pronouncement of God. When he took off the blindfold, a lamb lay slaughtered on the altar and his son stood there unharmed:

"Blindfold me, father, strength will I find,
With open eyes, weak is my mind."

The rope around the neck is a ritualistic Ottoman summons to hold onto the rope of Allah: "The rope hanging from Heaven to Earth is the truth which you are following. You catch hold of it and then Allah will raise you to Him. Then another man will catch hold of it and ascend it, Then another man will catch hold of it and it will break. But it will be joined and he will ascend it."

The rolled trouser cuff is the distinctive characteristic of a puritanical Islamic sect founded by Muhammad ibn-Abd-al-Wahab (1703-1792). By the early 20th century it had spread throughout the Arabian peninsula and is now the official ideology of the Saudi Arabian kingdom. Recently, a Muslim family in Bosnia tried to understand why their eldest son, eager for jihad,  was rolling up the legs of his trousers: "Finally we connected those rolled up trouser legs and his increasingly frequent accusations of my husband and myself that we were not Muslims and do not behave according to Islam, that we would be punished." The doctrines of some militant Ottoman sects are often intolerant of other's beliefs. In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, for example, strict  interpretations of law specified the death penalty for preaching Christianity, while terrorists against the West were welcome.

The Masonic wearing of a stoneworker's apron is not a particularly Western tradition. But it can be traced to ancient Egypt as the "pendant apron." Embroidered ornamental motifs including the lotus flower, the papyrus bundle, and many geometric forms and sacred emblems such as the scarab beetle and the asp were worn by priests and royalty. 

An apron is part of the 
shirt garment and dress 
of Muslim costumes.

Almayzar is an Arabic word for "apron" which was the cloth the Moors (Spanish Muslims) imported from Africa. Eventually, the worker's apron became the occult symbol of "buying on credit" in Ottoman folklore:

Imam Ali (a.s.) went to the market to sell his sword in order to buy an apron at a time when he was Amir AI-Mu'minin, the leader of the Islamic nation, to whom is levied money from all parts of the Islamic world. In this respect Abu Raja' says: "Imam Ali (a.s.) brought his sword to the market and called: 'Who buys this from me? By Allah Who has Ali's soul in His hand, I would not have sold it had I got the value of an apron!' I said to him: 'I will sell you an apron on credit until you receive your due,' and I gave him an apron on credit. When he received his due he paid me the value of the apron."

Is Washington's Apron Tied to Britain's Flag? 

The American Revolution prompted the sharp denial of anything British. The 1773 dumping of tea into Boston harbor marked a symbolic casting-out of British ascendancy. Americans would even use a different metrical system than the British, a separate scale of weights and measurements. At the time of the Revolution the American lodges broke away from their English and Scottish antecedents and also refused the official English faith of Anglican Christianity. To scorn the Union Jack or national ensign of Britain, the founding fathers of America would not put the Cross of St. Andrew - or any cross, for that matter - on their new American flag. Stripes and a five-pointed star of Solomon were used instead. 
    The flag initially flown by George Washington at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was the Grand Union Flag. It was the most commonly flown flag in America before the Flag Resolution of 1777, which replaced the cross with stars "representing a new Constellation."

The religion of choice that the founding fathers privately shared was Unitarian, rejecting the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ. But a replacement doctrine, the product of American innovation, was conferred in 1783 in Middletown, Conn. It was to be the most spectacular degree in all Freemasonry: The Most Excellent Master of the Royal Arch. 
While discussions about religion and politics are not allowed in Masonic lodges, talk of legends is certainly encouraged. Today, British Freemasonry can use the Matter of Britain or collective legends of King Arthur to increase awareness of the Christian significance of the Union Jack. American Freemasonry, on the other hand, having parted with the British legend and the cross ensign, now finds itself wrestling with a replacement doctrine: Ottoman crescent and star symbols (royal arches) hidden in George Washington's apron. 
What in the 1700s appeared "correct" to the founding fathers may seem strange to some Americans today. Most of the world's Jews and Greeks were Ottoman subjects during that era. Support for them would have required considerable "brown-nosing" of their Ottoman overlords, who were also slave traders.

The Most Excellent Master of the Royal Arch supposedly is the only degree that "brings forcibly to our attention" the secret of King Solomon's Temple to deal with the spiritual side of life. Can you spot the hidden temple arch in Washington's apron? 

The popular Masonic emblem showing a compass and square forming a triangle, with the letter "G" in the center may be another intentional deception. The "G" in this case is not the familiar Latin letter which, in English, stands for God (or Geometry). It is an abstract representation of the Ottoman crescent moon (Royal Arch), and the morning or evening star within it (Venus), also known as "Eosphoros" or Lucifer (light-bearer).

In the distant past before the first Hebrews, Eosphoros was also sometimes used to describe the star Sirius, mentioned  in Mesopotamian and Sanskrit legends, as well as the myths of ancient Greeks, African tribesmen, and American Indians. Most of those legends told of visits to the earth made from the brightest star in the sky by ancient messengers from the distant heavens. The morning-star (son of the morning) under the name of Istar was worshipped by the ancient Babylonians. Nebuchadnezzar's days of power and glory are well represented by their comparison with the shining star. This star, namely Venus, is symbolic of the heavenly prince of Babylon, as rebuked in the Book of Isaiah:

How thou art fallen from heaven O day-star, son of the morning! 
How art thou cut down to the ground, that didst cast lots over the nations. 

The term Lucifer was usually attributed to Satan (Diabolon) in the Bible, as a means of condemning the corrupt leadership of Babylon, which attacked and enslaved the ancient Jews. But in chapter 86 of the Muslim Koran, the morning star is adored as At-Tariq, or the Nightcomer:

By the heaven and the Morning Star
- Ah, what will tell thee what the Morning Star is!
The piercing Star!

Freemasons like Albert Pike, who consider themselves to be "Luciferians" generally use the term to denote that they are anti-Christian and pro-Ottoman mystics, without calling into attention the political implications of serving a foreign order. They customarily wear the Anatolian mark of Lucifer, in the form of the morning star, on their foreheads.

"Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry."

Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike 33°
Morals And Dogma, page 819

 To understand the origin  of these strange occurrences, we must go back to the time of the Crusades, the series of medieval military expeditions made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. What is not clearly understood today in the West is that Europe actually lost the Crusades. Only the First Crusade (1095-99) was successful in capturing Jerusalem. 

In 1187 the Muslim warrior Saladin retook Jerusalem, and the Crusades which followed failed to recover lost ground.

Therefore, in order to have access to the Holy Land and be able to visit the sacred sites and tombs of the Christian religion, medieval Europeans not only were required to pay heavy toll charges to the Muslims, they also had to allow a jihad or military presence secretly take root in the West. Hence, after 1120,  the first pseudo-Islamic lodges began to appear in Europe under the direction of French Crusader Knights in emancipated custody who were so-called Templars (Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon).

What distinguished the Templars military followers from other crusader guilds was that they diffused Islamic propaganda by praising Saladin's army, wearing turbans, using Arabic numerals, paying homage to Muslim folk spirits, and gradually removing Jesus from their body of principles. And they were extremely wealthy. They are generally credited with having established one of the West's first banking systems. They brought new Muslim customs and riches into Europe, but they ignored the fact that medieval Ottoman forces represented "Antichrist" in the wars against the presence of Christianity in Palestine and Byzantium. 

Some Orthodox legends say that Crusaders and Knights Templars actually brought a divine curse upon themselves for the massacre of Jews at Mehr in 1096 and the treasonous looting of Constantinople in 1204. Religious chivalry and moral codes were social devices to hide the sin of destroying a population their Pope had vowed to defend. First liars, then stray losers to Muslim invaders, some finally returned home dressed as traitors: wearing the enemy's turban and insignia.

Western Masonic Brotherhoods that were modeled after the Templars paradigm (or curse) have been running on auto-pilot for almost five hundred years. The buck doesn't stop. Because there is no single delegated authority to make known the Fraternity's confidential aim or purpose.

Not until quite recently did the Vatican issue explicit apologies for the Christian Schism and Fourth Crusade's plunder of Byzantium.

When they were finally persecuted in Paris, on Friday the 13th in October of 1307, the Knights Templars were accused of worshipping a severed death head they called Baphomet, which had decayed into a rotting skull. The death head symbol was later displayed as the poison cross-bones warning of "Jolly Roger" on the flags of pirate fleets. It was probably originally known to crusaders as "Bloody John" or Mato-Gianni, representing the severed head of John the Baptist, after some of the Knights of St. John abandoned sanctimony and took to piracy. In the 20th century, a death head became the official hat insignia (mark of beast on the forehead) of the Nazi SS. The Baphomet rite is also reflected in the name of Yale's Skull and Bones crypt society.


Templars used the crescent moon symbol and adored a severed head.
In fact, the crescent moon was a symbol of Byzantium before the rise of
Islam and was also depicted on the Roman imperial coinage of Hadrian.

The transfer from Knights Templar to Freemasonry began as a legitimate response to the oppressive tactics of the Roman Catholic Church. But in time it developed into a "magical" reactionary movement against all forms of Christianity. Throughout the centuries, it evolved into a powerful secret society promoting a pagan or "secular Sufism" as its ideal new age religion, while concealing its ritualistic character from the general public.

Some Templar ritualists who escaped persecution in Paris relocated to Britain and Germany under Illuminati or Rosicrucian charters which reappeared with the official name of Freemasonry in 1717, at the Grand Lodge of England. As new pro-Ottoman masonic societies formed, Secret Chiefs readied for holy war, launching various attempts to take major European cities such as Tours and Vienna by force. The armies of Ottoman war lords invaded settlements along the Danube River, occupying the Balkans. They tried to firmly persuade Germanic North Europe that fair-complexioned Turks of the Caucasus were actually Aryan descendants, and masters of jihad. They deemed it their duty to destroy the Christian influences of Israel and it became a common practice to blame every social or political disturbance on the stereotyped Jew. In contrast to the aggressive doctrines often proclaimed in Europe against Jewish groups, the Jews after the fall of Jerusalem never had armed land forces or ships of war to harm other nations and territories. But the Ottoman Turks did. 

The Muslims awaited not so much for the Messiah, but the Mahdi, who in Islamic tradition, is a religious leader due to appear shortly before the end of the world and restore justice.The great battles to take medieval Europe produced two distinct militant Orders: the Guelphs and the Ghibellines (Ghibbelines). They ultimately controlled the royal families of Europe, and their court societies formed two masonic groups, now called the Scottish Rite and the York Rite. While the York Rite claimed to preserve Christian ideals, it was pretentiously laden with Ottoman symbolism. The Scottish Rite was more concerned with Celtic and Druidic customs than with Muslim or jihad miscellany.

"As a relevant aside, Muslims are also now at war in the Philippines, Indonesia, Algeria, France, India and wherever else in the world they build up to a critical mass to challenge their host government. They are far advanced in Europe and rapidly rising as a significant threat in America. The West, fearful of arousing the anger of the Arab oil nations, have yet to assemble their defenses or protest this clear and present danger."

After the Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion of the Jews in 1492, part of the Jewish exiles went to the Ottoman cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Safed and Salonica, which became the centers of Sephardic Jewry. The Turkish Sultan settled many of them, and gave them fields and estates, because the Turks needed smiths and makers of munitions for the war against Christian Europe. Most of the Ottoman court physicians were Jews. Ottoman diplomacy was often carried out by Jews. But the Ottoman Jews were required to behave as loyal persons who were owned by the Turks, not their equals. Ritual murder accusations against the Jews became commonplace in the Ottoman Empire. As one observer noted: "The attitude of the Muslims toward the Christians and the Jews is that of a master towards slaves, whom he treats with a certain lordly tolerance so long as they keep their place. Any sign of pretension to equality is promptly repressed." 

Under Ottoman tradition, each non-Muslim religious community was responsible for its own institutions, including schools. But serious conflicts sometimes developed in Turkey between conservative and secular Jewish rabbis. Princeton University historian Bernard Lewis has wrote: "The Golden Age of equal rights was a myth, and belief in it was a result, more than a cause, of Jewish sympathy for Islam."

Sir Gerard Lowther, the British Ambassador to Turkey during the early 1900s, reported the following: "As Turkey happens to contain the places sacred to Israel, it is but natural that the Jew should strive to maintain a position of exclusive influence and utilize it for the furtherance of his ideals, viz., the ultimate creation of an autonomous Jewish state in Palestine or Babylonia. The Jew would kill two birds with one stone if he could obtain from the Turk unrestricted immigration of Jews into Turkey, an aim that he has been pursuing for years back, and transfer to Mesopotamia some millions of his co-religionists in bondage in Russia and Romania. In return for 'unrestricted immigration' of foreign Jews he has offered the Young Turk to sacrifice his mother-tongue and replace it by Turkish, and even to take over the whole of the Turkish National Debt." 

But Ottoman Jewish entrepreneurs who became Turkish citizens did not necessarily hold the same views as most mainstream Jews concerning the re-establishment of an Israeli state around Jerusalem. In an article published in the Fortnightly Review during the Young Turks' Revolution, I. Zangwill alluded to this odd fact by observing that "the four Jewish deputies in the Ottoman Parliament are violently anti-Zionist." 

Another factor which contributed to the rapid spread of Ottoman lodges in the West was the growth of the slave trade. Most lodges became local branches of the Ottoman Slave-Dealers Guild because the slave-dealers of the market had to fend off the competition from street-sellers. As one journalist recently wrote: "Without a knowledge of history, many Africans may be unaware of the fact that Islamic traders carried on a steady slave trade from East African ports for many centuries. Records are available which contain the lists of goods involved in trade with the rest of the world. What is regrettable now is that this practice among Muslims is seldom openly discussed - as if slavery was exclusively a Western phenomenon. This deliberate silence enables Islamic propagandists in America to represent Muslims as liberators of the people of African origin, contrary to historical fact."

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"Slavery, recognized and regulated by Islamic law, was an integral part of Muslim societies in the Middle East well into modern times... Slaves of African origin, in particular, were often condemned to lives of menial labor."

Ottoman female slaves, black and white, were gathered into crowded harems. A landmark world court decision recently categorized abduction-rape as a crime against humanity.

From the time of Machiavelli the autocracies of Europe began to take a vested interest in the Ottoman slave system. Europeans became jealous of Ottoman chattel profits and by 1494 various papal edicts, reserved to the Spaniards and Portuguese, were redistributed among the nations of Europe. "The whole of Europe - France, England, Holland, Portugal and Spain, and even Denmark, Sweden and Brandenburg - shared in the spoils, establishing a chain of monopoly companies, forts, trading posts and colonies that stretched from Senegal to Mozambique." Secret Ottoman lodges of the Slave-Dealers Guild began to appear overnight in every major European port, directed by occult wise men who claimed to be descendants of a Mahdi. "The emergence of holy men and the holy places as the last ditch defenders of slavery against reform is only an apparent paradox. They were upholding an institution sanctified by scripture, law, and tradition and one which in their eyes was necessary to the maintenance of the social structure of Muslim life."

It is often mentioned that most of the "Founding Fathers" of America were Freemasons, and to this extent, they are vindicated as having been morally excellent men (see: Boston Tea Party). A secret function of American Freemasonry was to promote and facilitate the development and training of militia, as a Constitutional right of individual arms ownership  ("Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia"). Most of the early presidents were wealthy slave-dealers and demanding bosses of forced labor. "The first three Presidents from Virginia - the magisterial Washington, the brilliant Jefferson, and the learned Madison - each made unique contributions to the cause of liberty and democracy: yet all owned slaves to the end of their lives. James Monroe, the fourth President from Virginia, best known for the Monroe Doctrine, owned slaves." 

Knowing that slavery was wrong, America's Founding Fathers were not comfortable with the doctrine of Judeo-Christianity, but instead chose a Deist or Unitarian form of Masonry as their principle of moral behavior. They viewed Jesus as an ethical teacher and no more than that. 


Even the fiery radical Patrick Henry, jealous of liberty and suspicious of central government, owned slaves. As the colonies had moved toward revolution, the Virginians' British contemporaries were perplexed. "How is it," asked Samuel Johnson, "that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?" America's 4th President, James Madison needed much effort to come to terms with slavery. He assertively expressed himself not only as a slave-driver, but as a prejudiced schemer when he suggested to the white elite that all black slaves (whose physical exertion had built America's structural foundations) be finally sent back to where they came from. The ruling class eventually "selected a colony in Africa as the preferred site for relocation," but they soon changed their minds and decided to retain possession of their slaves. "Madison and Jefferson, their fortunes dwindling, never did free their slaves. Only Washington, less brilliant, but eminently more practical, maintained his wealth. It is perhaps the final irony that Washington, more a symbol of stability and probity than of liberty, was the only of the three to provide in his will for the general manumission of his slaves and make provision for their care."  Much has been made of George Washington's Masonic connections, yet very little is discussed about his final renouncing of freemasonry and his subsequent Christian baptism.

After the establishment of colonies in America, the "Middle Passage" was that leg of the slave triangle that brought human cargo from West Africa to North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Major destination points in the West Indies were the islands of Grand Turk and Caicos, frequently visited by slave-dealing pirates. Traders who settled on the island of Grand Turk in the 17th century used slaves to rake salt for sale to British colonies on the American mainland, and dealt with buccaneers for over 200 years. During the American Revolution, British loyalists found refuge on the islands, setting up cotton and sisal plantations with the labor of imported slaves. "They say the slaves worked very hard and that the salt evaporating over the island for so many years actually changed the weather,'' said oceanographer Tomas Jamil. 

A relatively recent account of why the Turk islands received their distinct name is supposedly because of the Turk's Head "fez" cactus found growing on the islands. Travelogues go on to say that in 1776 after being controlled by the Spanish, French and British, Grand Turk and Caicos became part of the Bahamas colony. This, of course, cannot be entirely true. Because in Turkey, unlike Morocco, men did not adopt the wearing of the fez until 1829. Earlier than that time, the turban was the acceptable Turkish headdress. A more likely explanation for the Grand Turk island's name is the probable presence of Ottoman slave traders in the West Indies during colonial times.

It was Spain which took a leading place in the early European slave trade. After the discovery of the New World, Spanish conquistadors initiated the massacre of the native Aztecs of Mexico. Yet there was a strong Muslim influence in Spain since the mid-700s.

The Moors, as the Spaniards call the Muslims, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and populated Spain for nearly 700 years. Under the rule of Ottoman Turkey, Spain did not become a predominantly Christian nation until after the fall of Granada in 1492. After that, some Moorish (or Berber) mariners who sailed with the  Barbary pirates and intermarried with Spaniards were privately incorporated into the (Morisco) Spanish fleets and took part in the conquest of the New World. True to their Ottoman traditions, they helped to shape the Spanish slave trade, and admonished the conquistadors to be victorious over the Mexican devotees of Quetzalcoatl. 

On 11 July 2002, Morocco established an outpost on a tiny Mediterranean island known in Spanish as Isla Perejil Parsley Island and in Arabic as Leila Night.

Elite Spanish soldiers then swooped in aboard helicopters, capturing the disputed Mediterranean island that had been occupied by Moroccan soldiers for more than a week. 

In ancient times, the island is thought to have been one of the mythological Pillars of Hercules, along with the Rock of Gibraltar across the strait. Historians have connected the island with Ogigia, mentioned in Homer's "The Odyssey."

It is often assumed that since America was founded by Masons, they would never consider using organized violence against their own people. Yet the U.S. Civil War was the result of exactly such an action. The war developed because of the wide division between the slave-owning Freemason South and the industrialized Abolitionist North. Leading Masons like Albert Pike (who was said to be superior to Andrew Jackson in Freemasonry), vowed to "unite every white man in the South, who is opposed to Negro suffrage, into one great Order of Southern Brotherhood." The casualties of the Civil War exceeded America's loss in all its other wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam. 

"Our expression," Pike boasted, " that our Lodges extend upwards to the Heavens, comes from the  Persian and Druidic custom."

A short period after American independence, innumerable Grand Orient Slave-Dealer Guilds and Ottoman lodges appeared rapidly throughout the southern Confederate States, settled by masquerading Mahdi Sufis and Ali Baba Grotto prophets. Defying Scottish Rite Masonry, their official southern emblems proudly displayed Islamic crescent moon symbols. They traded in exotic Turkish tobacco (papirossi) and sustained the American slave plantations. By the late 1800s, the wearing of the fez cap became their distinctive characteristic, and secrecy was imperative because Confederate mine warfare officers were being employed by navies in the Ottoman Empire. Most of those fez-wearing early American Freemasons supported the militia movement, gun rights, a slave trade, and the right to revolution. Yet they did not attend Mosques. Their only real connection to Islam and Sufism was in the form of "Aryan" role-playing, at Grand Orient lodge meetings. 

After the U.S. Civil War a new White fraternal lodge appeared in the American south: the Ku Klux Klan, claiming to be the defenders of white womanhood and preservers of Saxon and Nordic traditions.

1775 flag for the use of South Carolina troops, with crescent emblem worn on the front of their caps. The palmetto tree was added later.

Yet one look at their published documents reveals positions of authority like "Hydra," "Grand Turk" marshal, and "Cyclops," which have absolutely nothing to do with Norse or Saxon tales. Even their very name "Kuklos" (circle) is missing from Germanic mythology. 

But all of these terms were commonly used in Ottoman Anatolia, acquired from the ancient Greek system of words. The authors of the New Testament used the Aramaic language and the Greek alphabet. They followed a model from the Hebrew, a Semitic language in an alphabet of 22 letters which basically consists of consonants (vowels are shown by marks attached to the letters). It is potentially disturbing that the sixth consonant of the Greek alphabet is the letter "K," because in Gematria (the numerical value of letters), the notorious number of Antichrist "666" translates as KKK.

Crony, Right in a Bubble

Bubba is a southern derivation on the word "Brother." "Paw can me and bubba go down to tha stoah (Store)?" 1. A bubba is a helpful godfather or sugar-daddy figure, being near one will make your life easier. 2. Similar to bitch, among inmates a bubba rules the prison by sexually assaulting all men smaller than him. 

As the American Revolution moved away from the Matter of Britain and its Arthurian tradition, a prospering slave trade in the south began to assume an Ottoman identity. Islamic crescent moon symbols appeared on the flags and caps of South Carolina's troops. Slave guilders and chattel merchants claiming blood ties to famous Moor or Saracen mariners from the Turks and Caicos Islands founded many fringe-Masonic lodges (slave markets) around Louisiana. New Orleans became known as the Crescent City, based on Cajun courtesies from the French Templars. Its municipal emblem is identical to that of the Masonic Shriners. But their idea of knighthood was a far cry from the Christian knights observed in Britain. Any innkeeper with enough room to hold a rowdy Masonic convention was eligible for American knighthood, as demonstrated by the wild Shriner and Grotto shindigs that followed the Civil War. The "faith" or belief systems that emerged from it had little to do with Christian knights in quest of the grail, and more to do with pirate dreams or Forty Thieves from a Magic Cave including plantation slave harems, ceremonial Sufi costumes, and binge drinking cronyism. 

Neo-Freemasonry: Isn't it finally time for a reform? Isn't it time for the removal of faults and errors from certain fringes of Freemasonry? Perhaps we should come to terms with the Black Holocaust and genocide of the Native American and let Neo-Freemasonry define itself for the 21st century. 


In 1976 , the Masonic affiliate organization for girls, the International Order of the Rainbow, suspended all Iowa chapters of the group because one local chapter endorsed membership of a 12-year-old black girl. According to press reports, Michelle Palmer, whose father is white and mother is black, had been invited to join the Rainbow chapter in Indianola, Iowa, and was approved by the local assembly in October of that year. However, officials at the Rainbow's international headquarters at McAlester, Oklahoma ruled that all 136 Rainbow assemblies in Iowa must disband by the end of the year because they did not follow "rules and regulations." It was explained that the organization took disciplinary action on the basis of an unwritten law which excludes blacks from membership.

Today it is  common knowledge that most secret lodges  in Europe and America are steering their members away from Western religion and embracing Asiatic or pagan systems instead. But new groups continue to mushroom in major centers due to the great financial gains and social stature they provide. 

The divine conspiracy these groups promote is no longer a secret to the public. It is Ottoman jihad against the West. And it has been operative for over five hundred years. To cope with this, various governments are now engaged in a new global war against pseudo-Islamic terrorist organizations which encourage the methodical overthrow of modern civilization.

World Trade Center

To exacerbate the problem, many political analysts are alarmed by the fact that Turkey has recently accumulated the most enormous fighting force in Europe. It is now considered to have the second largest assembled army of NATO, with an eye on the number one spot. The vast sums required to keep up such a large army are disproportionate to Turkey's actual state of economic development. Turkey is the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) biggest debtor

During the Cold War, the United States unaffectedly entrusted Turkey with Washington's most sophisticated nuclear weapons. Turkey was designated as the front line agent of U.S. missile defense against the Soviet Union. Turkish nuclear science developed rapidly within the military. But during Richard Nixon's Watergate resignation, Turkish authorities cut off power to their NATO nuclear weapons sites as a defiant protest against America's naval blockade of the 1974 Cyprus invasion. For a tiresomely long day, Washington's key missile defense against the Soviet Union had impressively collapsed - while "Kissinger America" had no president. Today, Istanbul is considered to host the world's leading black market of stolen nuclear materials.

"As the Turkish element cannot shine by intellectual or commercial achievements, its instincts lead it to display its superiority by military ‘activity.’ If it succeeds in reducing the Empire to mute subjection internally, its impulse will probably be to adopt an active chauvinistic policy as regards Persia, Egypt, Greece, and perhaps Bulgaria." - Sir Gerard Lowther

Even more disturbing is the military alliance between Israel and Turkey, negotiated in 1994-95. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey lost its role as the front line ally facing the "Soviet threat," which had earned it a substantial amount of aid from NATO and the United States. Fearing that the country would become marginalized, the Turkish military looked for a new function for Turkey within the framework of Western strategic interests in the Middle East. "By allying itself to Israel, it could be sure of strong support from the United States and the Congress." The pro-Israel lobby in Congress was to become Ankara's spokesman, as long as Turkey's World War Two stolen gold record and denial of the Armenian genocide were not seriously questioned.

The fact that Turkish agents like Sebottendorff created the occult core of German Nazism was once a well-kept secret, which could only be obtained from rare and restricted books. But with the advent of the Internet, such information can now be easily accessed by thousands or millions of readers. As the essential knowledge spreads, many Israelis are likely to react with dismay at the possibility that fringe-masonic architects of the Holocaust may now remarkably be posing as Israel's military partners.

"The Jew can help the Young Turk with brains, business enterprise, his enormous influence in the press of Europe, and money in return for economic advantages and the eventual realization of the ideals of Israel, while the Young Turk wants to regain and assert his national independence and get rid of the tutelage of Europe, as part of a general Asiatic revival, on lines and at a pace which must appear chauvinistic to the average Westerner. The Jew has supplied funds to the Young Turks and has thus acquired a hold on them: but in order to retain this hold he has to appear at least to approve and aid the Young Turk towards the accomplishment of 'national' dreams."

Police never ask why wealthy Shriners and Grotto Freemasons wear Islamic fez caps, brandish curved scimitar swords, and secretly call themselves militant Muslim knights. But children are arrested for playing cops and robbers: "The children were taken to a police station fingerprinted and had DNA samples taken because they were playing with a plastic toy gun..."

The oath of the Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S. (Shriners) concludes as follows: "...in willful violation whereof I may incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I will be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea, until the flaming sun shall strike me with livid plague, and may Allah the God of Arab, Muslim and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers support me to the entire fulfillment of the same, Amen, Amen, Amen." 

On the basis of ideology, Shriner and Grotto Freemasons are straightforward opponents of  the reforms of Kemal Ataturk. The solemn oath of punishment for unfaithful members (signifying that Shriners secretly take revenge) would be criminal for any other accepted society. Foolish initiation rites within school fraternities or sororities have been called "hazing" and made illegal in many parts of the USA. Another repugnant Shriner "peer" ritual requires all members to urinate in a particular place to ward off evil: "This is the place where our brethren stop to sprinkle the Devil's Pass with urine."

In 1922 the Ottoman sultan was removed from power and Mustafa Kemal became the first president of Turkey. From then until his death he worked to make Turkey a modern state independent of the Islamic legal and social system. He took the surname Ataturk (Father of the Turks) in 1934. If modern Turkey follows the grand vision of Ataturk, it will honorably renounce all Ottoman aspirations to personify the forces of Antichrist since the days of the Crusades. It will stop infiltrating the West under the conspiring cloak of Grand Orient Freemasonry. Then Turkey will become a blameless, fairly earned member of the European Union.

The Turkish government announced in 1989 that it was ready to open up and grant access to the Ottoman Archives for international science and historical research. But the documentary material in Turkey is still not accessible for evaluation. Turkey has not yet come to terms with its past with reference to the annihilation and expulsion of other populations. 

Turkey's history of gross and widespread human rights violations has been thoroughly documented by non-governmental organizations, including Human Rights Watch, and by international governmental organizations including the United Nations (U.N.) and the Council of Europe. As a consequence of Turkey's persistent failure to follow the recommendations of such bodies, serious violations persist today.

In the aftermath of World War II, Germany was virtually left without a Jewish population. By contrast, recent statistics show that there are now more Turks living in Germany than any other country outside of Turkey.... More > Go to Next Page >


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 1, 2, 3, 4,

Athens Bunker: Extraordinary Rendition?

     In 1980 I briefly rented a basement apartment in Athens, Greece  (Lycabettus - Kolonaki district). One day while cleaning, I discovered a framed canvas that covered a metal door in one of the walls. It looked like a submarine door with an air lock. I called some friends over to help me open it. We had to remove parts of the wooden floor-boards. The bunker walls were a few feet thick. When we opened the door, we found the evidence of a Nazi torture chamber, which I immediately photographed.

The chair with a hole in it was found near the bloody mattress in a corner of the Lycabettus bunker next to a pile of burnt newspaper shreds from the early 1940s featuring articles about the Nazis.

A small ball of clay or soil, pressed around the foot of the chair, bewildered us. We later concluded that "feet of clay" were used to psychologically torture a hostage tied to the chair, who was probably ordered not to move, but to remain perfectly still and motionless at all times. Any movement of the chair would cause the clay lump to crumble and break into smaller fragments. The guards could then measure even the slightest movements that had occurred while they were not in the bunker, and punish the hostage accordingly. A hole in the seat of the chair may have been due to an act of extreme violence or a malicious experiment. I sent the photos to the local police department, but they arrived too late. When the authorities finally got there about a month later, I had been evicted and the evidence had already been removed. But the persons who rented the basement apartment after me were leading members of the Greek TV news media, who communicated with the Greek Prime Minister. Therefore, I cannot rule out the possibility that the bunker may have been examined by intelligence analysts before the local police arrived. What finally became of the disembodied chair and mattress? Did they go to a forensic "area" or were they discarded as rubbish? Most of the bunker witnesses later developed abnormal lumps or growth in their bodies. One died of a brain tumor. Some time later, newspapers reported that an extremely radioactive substance had mysteriously turned up in a scrap metal junkyard near Athens. After several months, a Greek-Turkish friend of mine introduced me to the owner of Athens' most influential newspaper. But my bunker photos were not published because they raised too many questions. I didn't have a story.

It haunted me for some time. The big question was: who was the Lycabettus hostage or victim of this torture chamber? I visited libraries and bookstores looking for war photos that might resemble the Kolonaki bunker. Then in 1997, I found an official war picture that matched up perfectly. 

The mathematical likelihood that similarities between mattress folds, blood spots, and markings on the floor are due to random coincidences is astronomical. In other words, it is more probable that a comet will fall into your tea cup than for the bunker resemblances to be the results of sheer chance.

Please note that I am not out to "prove" anything with this description. I mainly wish to publish a report of what was found in the Lycabettus bunker so that legal investigators can establish what may have happened there. The only problem is this: The dead person in the official photo appears to be Adolf Hitler's double. The alleged body of the Nazi Fuehrer discovered in the Berlin Chancellery garden had only one testicle according to the Russian autopsy report.

The Problem: Important details in the photographs match up - but really should not - because the bunker locations are almost 2000 kilometers apart.  What was a "ghost detainee" doing in the Kolonaki bunker? Was this a case of identity theft or extraordinary rendition? How long was the victim being held as a tortured hostage? How were the Nazis using the Kolonaki - Lycabettus district of Athens during World War Two? A war crime appears to have been committed in the Lycabettus bunker. But why are the authorities today not willing to discover who the victim actually was?






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