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Photo: 1980 - Click chair to refresh memory

Binary fission, fully awake.

No beginning, no end.

Seamless loop, hotter than the sun.


The Hidden Origins of Nazism

IBM helped commit crimes against humanity

In the AP archive photo above, Thomas J. Watson, head of IBM and president of the 
International Chamber of Commerce and members of the board of the 
ICC meet with Adolph Hitler in Berlin in 1937.

A lawsuit filed in February, 2001 alleges that U.S. computer giant IBM took part in crimes against humanity by allowing its machines to be used in Nazi death camps. A recent book on the subject, by Washington-based researcher Edwin Black, is titled IBM and the Holocaust. It claims that punch-card machines built by IBM were a key factor enabling the Nazis to make their killing operations more efficient.

The lawsuit claims IBM provided technology, products and services it knew would be used to facilitate persecution and genocide. A machine made by the company is believed to have been used in the 1933 German census, the year the Nazis took power, and is on display at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

IBM Germany was accused of forcing people to work as slaves for the Nazis during the war. There is also speculation that technology provided by IBM may have allowed the Germans to gain an early lead over the Allies in atomic research in order to advance Nazi development of the world's first nuclear weapons.

CPU of the Berlin war machine?

There he sits. Who is he?

We found the evidence in 1980, in an underground tunnel system beneath Fortress Europe. Long before America, German scientists were conducting secret experiments in splitting the uranium atom. The actual site still remains 'classified.' (Why we must remain anonymous for now.)

In the deep caves of the earth, below wire-frame elevators, behind fifty-two square feet of solid metal Faraday doors. There he sits, in the target assembly of
ALSOS: the nuclear reactor of the Third Reich. Who is he? Guinea pig of the experiment. Splitting of the atom, in his own body. Not to kill him. But to burn a small hole, in a part of his body he could do without. Private. Unknown soldier.

There he sits in flames. Between his shoulders, dwells the strongest force in nature: Binary fission, fully awake. Who is he? Smoke of his nostrils. Fire of his breath. In the radioactive vat of
ALSOS: Largest nuclear appliance on the third planet from the sun. Forced shutdown, 1945. Built by forced labor. Ten million slaves died to keep a secret. No government, before or after, could ever afford to produce such a vast and terrible underground war machine. Not even America. Why didn't YOU know about it? Classified. Who owns it now? Under new management.

What experiment is this? Positron. Time-reversed electron. Zero rest mass, in his body. To send a very small part of his body a billionth of a second - into the past. Mind does follow. Binary fission, fully awake. Seamless loop, hotter than the sun. No beginning, no end. There he sits, a fractal of self-similarity in all gravitating systems. Mind at the speed of light. Dividing, halving, quartering. Sundering the logical elements of space-time, forever. No need of mate or spouse. He will not step down. 

Of course, this should trouble you. It troubles us. And what are you made of anyway, gold or silver? There he sits. The most tortured person in the history of warfare. Binary fission, fully awake. The glory of his throne is more than the body can bear.
Who is he? Who is his son?

If you thought welding could produce intense heat in a very small space, 
wait until you get a load of binary fission, fully awake. Hotter than the sun.

UPDATED! Despite our sarcastic language, this is not a prank. Witnesses to this war bunker discovery included a TV newscaster and the son of a general (their names withheld upon request). Most witnesses later developed abnormal growth or lumps in their bodies. One died in 2001 of a brain tumor.

Click here for UPDATED details concerning this atomic atrocity

Much more information is being posted as it becomes available to the public

The Hidden Origins of Nazism

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