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The Hidden Origins of Nazism



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Media influences exerted in Europe by Sebottendorff's masonic groups, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and others sworn to secrecy in the 1920s, serve as an indication that parts of Asia Minor and the Middle East may have been the prototype 'Aryan' headquarters of anti-Semitism before Hitler publicly appeared in Germany. Anatolia's well-known policy of disregarding human rights and her embarrassing support from Ottoman Freemasons contributed to the Third Reich's blueprint for genocide and its reckless resistance to Western Judeo-Christian principles.



 Before being recognized  as a political movement, the ill-aimed system of social intolerance now known as Nazism was apparent in various fringe-Masonic philosophies of Europe. Extreme arguments to form a militant racist Order were voiced in the esoteric doctrines of astrology, Theosophy, and Illuminati occultism which became popular in Germany during the early 1920s.


One man who had a virtual monopoly in syndicated fortune-telling was Hugo Vollrath, who also used the pseudonyms of Walter Heilmann and Dr. Johannes Walter. He presented himself as the secretary of a fictitious Rosicrucian secret society in Germany and collected subscriptions from many gullible people who received impressive diplomas. Vollrath, who assumed the arrogant title of Gnostic Bishop, was accustomed to wearing a fez at his office. "It keeps my aura in place," he once remarked. Another astrology figure and close friend of Vollrath was Abdul Bahai (no apparent connection to the Persian Bahai sect) who claimed to be the Metropolitan and head of a Gnostic Church based in Haifa.

"Under the Fez Cap." 
Inside Information 

Yet another "ascended master" of this European movement was Ottoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish, who claimed to be from Iran. Using the European name of Otto Hanisch, he later emigrated to the United States and founded an esoteric secret society which is still in existence. At the heart of the new German campaign was a mysterious Illuminati White Lodge which preached the Aryan master-race theory (based on hereditary Caste systems) among easily persuaded European Saxons.

In World War I the Ottoman Turks supported Germany, but defeat brought the loss of their territories outside Asia Minor. Germany's Propaganda Department in Berlin urged the government of Turkey to declare jihad (struggle, kampf, a Muslim holy war). To date, neither German nor Turkish historians have reappraised the question of shared guilt or responsibility for the annihilation and expulsion of two million Christians (Armenians and Assyrians) in Turkey during the First World War, a genocide that is still not part of our historical consciousness. It is often described as the 20th century's second worst genocide after the Jewish Holocaust in Germany. 

With the help of  men like T.  E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia),  natives of the Middle East  rebelled against Turkish imperial rule. The nationalist revolution of Kemal Ataturk replaced the Ottoman Empire with the new state of Turkey in 1922. Thus, the Ottoman movement was officially banned. 
But fanatical splinter groups were not yet willing to abandon the possibility of jihad and the plan of a worldwide Ottoman revival. So by the early 1920s, various Ottoman agents of Casteism had already secretly moved to Germany and assumed the false and presumptuous identities of Aryan Illuminati ascended masters. Loyal to Ismail Enver Pasha, a leader of the defunct Young Turk revolution, they solicited the support of influential Europeans to reject Britain's Balfour Declaration and prevent the establishment of a national Jewish home in Palestine.

Ismail Enver Pasha


In the 1920s the Turkish government appointed scholars to develop a Latin-based alphabet, which is now called the new Turkish alphabet, as opposed to the Arabic in Palestine. Turkey's desire for international cooperation in intellectual affairs and cultural progress was obsessively enthusiastic. The target of organized Turkish publicity became the North European Germanic peoples. At the start of World War I, Germany sent warships to Turkey. A writer remarked: "As they pulled into port, the Ottomans looked through their spyglasses and noticed complete German crews decked out in fezzes" which became a badge of national identity. It was even claimed in Istanbul that the oldest European Runic alphabet stemmed from the very same Aryan origin as did the ancient Turkish.

Out of this eccentric landscape emerged Baron Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff, the prototype Nazi, before Adolf Hitler made his first public appearance. Sebottendorff (Serbottendorff or  Sobottendorf) founded the notorious right-wing Thule Society and in 1918 purchased the Munchener Beobachter, a weekly Munich newspaper which he transformed into an anti-Semitic scandal sheet and the Thule Society's official publication. Little has actually been written about Sebottendorff, other than that he was a Turkish citizen, claiming to have been adopted, who was probably familiar with Sufi and Islamic literature. Some biographers have stated that his real or European name was Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer, (or Blauer) and that he was also involved in the violent Bavarian anti-communist political scene and in various attempts to market a prototype armored vehicle or tank.

Baron Sebottendorff

Sebottendorff was an initiate of the  Eastern mysteries in Turkey  as well as of Freemasonry. "Just before World War I he made several trips to the Near East. During the Balkan War of 1912-1913, he directed the Turkish Red Crescent and was named a Master of the Order of the RoseGarland (Rosenkranz)." In 1910, while living in Istanbul, Sebottendorff controlled his own secret society based on a combination of Islamic Sufi mysticism, masonry, alchemy and anti-Bolshevik ideology. 

He established a sect of devotees comparable with the Ismailian "fedayeen" (Assassins) guided by their spiritual leader, the Old Man of the Mountain.  In other words, the idea was to form a militant Order of initiates, with a military and religious structure. According to Dr. Walter Johannes Stein, the Thule was a  "Society of Assassins." It held secret courts and condemned people to death. It is likely that many victims murdered by the District Command had been condemned earlier in the secret courts of the Thule. Many prominent Germans supported this violence and were documented members of the Thule. For example, the Police President of Munich, Franz Gurtner, was a reported member of the innermost circle of the Thule. He later became Minister of Justice of the Third Reich.

"Sebottendorff believed that the esoteric tradition of Islam, particularly Sufism, was the purest stream of Ancient Wisdom and that it had nourished European occultism through the Rosicrucians, alchemists and authentic Freemasons of the Middle Ages." Rene Alleau relates that Sebottendorff also wrote that: “...‘secret Muslim Masters’ had entrusted him with the mission of ‘illuminating’ Germany through the revelation of the secrets of advanced magic and initiation into ancient Oriental mysteries.” (Hitler et les Societes Secretes)

Sebottendorff's Thulist aim to revive pagan "Aryan" culture, symbolism, and mythology held that Sufism is "the development of the Primaeval religion of the Aryan race." Both the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons of Europe find the ultimate source of their teachings in the Orient. Thus, the Buddhist concept of the "Aryan Path" was degraded into a magical link which brought the population of Japan (and parts of Tibet) into the racist Nazi Axis without having Nordic or Saxon physical characteristics.

Alfred Rosenberg and Rudolf Hess were active Thulists, both going on to high positions in the Third Reich. By 1919, Anton Drexler, Gottfried Feder and Dietrich Eckart formed the German Worker's Party (GPW) in Munich, approving of State ownership. The German Army was worried that it was a left-wing revolutionary group and sent Adolf Hitler, one of its education officers, to spy on the organization. Hitler discovered that the party's political ideas were similar to his own. The obscure right-wing nationalist (volkisch) group had close links with the secretive Thule Society. Sebottendorff's anti-Semitic newspaper changed its name to Volkischer Beobachter. Adolf Hitler soon became a leading member and a Munich intelligence agent of the German Worker's Party. In 1920, Hitler was the undisputed leader of the group, which by then was known as the National Socialist German Worker's Party, (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP) the official body of Nazism. The Volkischer Beobachter became its authorized propaganda newspaper. Dietrich Eckart, a Bavarian Catholic poet and morphine addict, emerged as a leading Illuminati godfather of National Socialism. Eckart bought Sebottendorff's anti-Semitic newspaper enterprise. He distorted the Aryan linguistic theories of Professor Max Muller, and exploited the Asiatic expressions of Madame H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), the founder of modern Theosophy. 

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The Swastika Sun symbol is a powerful magical device still used in Occult Masonic teachings today. It was to replace the Cross in the Nazi's new post Christian Pagan Religion, for their Occult New World Order.


Eckart, a follower of Aleister Crowley's occult movements and prominent member of the Thule Society, had great influence over Hitler and introduced him to the Munich aristocratic community. "Mein Kampf" was dedicated to Eckart, who groomed Hitler for his role as dictator. In 1939, Hitler made reference to Turkey's policy of extermination while seeking to legitimize his own blueprint for genocide.  A secret magical society called the Astrum Argentum (AA), or the Order of the Silver Star (SS), began giving initiations in Germany at about that time. But Reich leader Heinrich Himmler enforced prohibitions on German Freemasons who were sympathetic to Jews, and created a new national police force. Drawing on the ideas of the occult Vril Society of Brahmanic Casteism (which had been named after a book by Bulward Litton), Himmler's special force, or Death Head Units, practiced elaborate fraternal magic rituals. General Karl Haushofer, the director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics and founder of the Vril Society, became Hitler's second "esoteric mentor." He favored the idea of a dentist named Dr. Friedrich Krohn to use the "swavastika" or backwards swastika as the flag of Nazi Germany. According to historian Robert Graves the swastika is the Sanskrit symbol of solar fire stolen by Prometheus, bound to a magical Caucasian rock.  Haushofer also helped Himmler install members of the "Aryan master race" into the new police force to systematize the extermination of Jews. It became known as the Schutzstaffe (SS).

Himmler devised new festivals to take the place of such Christian events as Christmas and Easter, he wrote out baptism and marriage ceremonies - though he believed harem-like polygamy would best serve the interests of the SS elite - and he even issued instructions on the correct manner of committing suicide. The center of the SS cult became the castle of Wewelsburg in Westphalia, which Himmler bought as a ruin in 1934 and rebuilt over the next 11 years at a cost of 13 million marks. The central banqueting hall contained a vast round table with 13 throne-like seats to accommodate Himmler and 12 of his closest "apostles" - making, as some occult writers have pointed out, a coven of 13. Beneath this hall was a "Hall of the Dead", where plinths stood around a stone table. As each member of the inner circle of the SS died, his coat of arms would be burned and, together with his ashes, placed in an urn on one of these plinths for veneration. Heinrich Himmler's Occult Corps (Geheimnisvolle Korps) either recruited or persecuted all practicing occultists in Germany. According to some reports, official ministers of the Occult Corps often claimed that it was actually Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed antichrist (Beast 666), who ruled the Third Reich from behind the scenes. There can be little doubt that both Crowley and Eckart conducted deep studies of Arabian astrological magic. Hitler allegedly came to believe himself a reincarnation of Landulf II of Capua (943-961), and went through initiation by Eckart and Haushofer to confirm it. Landulf, who was sometimes associated in legends with the "spear of destiny" of Longinus, fled to Sicily after his traitorous links to Islam were disclosed.


The Nazi's shut down the 'Modern' Grand Lodges whose membership was heavily Jewish and Liberal, but allowed the 'Old Prussian' Grand Lodges to carry on after their Grand Master's sent formal written oaths of allegiance to 'Mein Furher', changed their name to 'The Frederick the Great Association' (Frederick the Great being the founder of 'Regular' Freemasonry in the German States.), and removed any obvious Hebraic wording from it's rituals. When the war was over 'Regular' Freemasonry operating under the guise of 'Frederick the Great Associations' changed their name back to what it was before CrystalNacht. 

There was absolutely no persecution of 'Regular' U.K./U.S./Prussian Grand Lodge Freemasonry in Germany other than getting them to change their name to 'The Frederick the Great Association'. How could there be? Their Lodges were filled with General Officers of the High Command, Captains of Industry, Commerce, Finance, Leading Citizens, most of whom were loyal Nazi Party members themselves. The very men who brought Hitler to power. All with the knowledge of U.S./U.K. 'Regular' Grand Lodge Freemasonry and it's Hereditary Grand Master the Duke of Kent.

Frederick the Great was likewise known as "Frederick Barbarossa." His name is often intentionally mixed up with that of Khair-ed-din Barbarossa, the Ottoman Barbary pirate popularly called Redbeard. The  code name for the Nazi secret plan to invade the Soviet Union (and occupy the so-called Aryan Fatherland) was originally "Otto." But in December 1940, Hitler officially changed the name to Operation Barbarossa  before invading Russia  in 1941.


"Regardless of his persecution of mystics and most Freemasons, Hitler surrounded himself with them, and some were eventually released from the camps to aid the Nazi war effort through psychic warfare." 
In a 1922 lecture, the founder of Anthroposophy,  Rudolf Steiner said that the legend of the Holy Grail had been "coarsened and corrupted over in Asia by Turkish influence." For publicly linking Hitler with Ottoman Freemasonry, Steiner became one of the world's most persecuted mystics.

Hugh Thomas, a surgeon and forensic expert of international repute, examined the corpses of some Reich leaders. He recently suggested in a BBC broadcast that the leading members of the Nazi government  kept doubles or look-alikes (doppelgangers). Their plan (or conspiracy)  was to destroy the House of Israel and erase all traces of Judeo-Christianity from the world. In order to do this and escape unnoticed, it was necessary to abduct people who resembled them closely enough to assume their identities. When the plot finally failed, their hostages were killed in what seemed to be suicides, and the real criminals succeeded in avoiding punishment. 

Scotland Yard made a painstaking six-month investigation of Thomas' claims and then announced that its finds would remain suppressed from the public. A hundred-year ban on material relating to Himmler's death raises suspicions of a scandalous international agreement. 

The World Was Lied to 
About Hitler's Death

If so, it would appear that a type of  strict jihad (kampf) or perversion of Islam may have come into being in 20th century Germany. The goals of this iniquitous association were to destroy infidel (non-Aryan) minorities, replace the family unit with a harem or harlot component, lure youngsters toward Wicca and djinn worship, eliminate expressions of art (except for crescent moon drawings, swastikas, etc.), prohibit alcohol or other intoxicants, and direct a media spotlight on Sumerian, Babylonian and Ottoman myths. But to attract Europeans, it had to be done under the guise of an Aryan revival, while strongly hinting that the original Aryan Fatherland was not Nordic, but near the Caucasian borders of Turkey.

After the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Vladimir Ilich Lenin led the Bolshevik revolution, which overthrew the Provisional Government and established the ruling Soviet of People’s Commissars under Lenin’s chairmanship. He made peace with Germany and then led the revolutionaries to victory in the civil war (1918-20). But now confronted with a new political geography, the Turkish nation was paralyzed with dread, fearing the Russian revolutionaries would cross inland from the Black Sea and gradually infiltrate Turkey.

Some Saxons believed the Ottomans were their  Aryan ancestors. This idea was widespread during the Crusades when knights abandoned the quest for the Holy Land and searched for an Aryan Fatherland in modern-day Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Many soldiers never returned because the intent of jihad was the death of the crusader.

That Nordic races came from the Caucasus may have no real historical basis. Yet preconceived opinions survive. Muslims of Chechnya say they are neither an Indo-European or a Mongol race, but Caucasian Aryans.

To counter the possibility of such a threat, a massive anti-communist propaganda campaign was secretly launched by German Illuminati lodges and eventually culminated in the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. Yet the true Nazi motives were well-concealed: their impelling reason was not so much to extol Germany for "Lebensraum in the east" (living space), but to shield Turkey against a Soviet Black Sea insurgence and lay claim to a geographical region they considered to be their Aryan fatherland. The Nazi invasion ultimately failed. As a result of Berlin's unprovoked and unsuccessful anti-Russian campaign, a large part of Germany became a satellite of the Soviet totalitarian state while Turkey remained unaffected. More recently, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke continued to rouse and incite false Aryan notions in Russia by paying a visit there to promote his book "The Ultimate Supremacism," in which he argues that Russia and the former Soviet bloc can save the white race from Jewish oligarchs and organized crime.

Remarkably, as Hitler climbed to power with his crazed prophecy of mystical Aryans treading down from the Caucasus, the mysterious Sebottendorff avoided media exposure and became publicly known only as Germany's most popular astrologer. Sebottendorff was allegedly imprisoned and forced to return to Turkey by 1925 because he supposedly angered the Nazis after publishing too much information linking Hitler with hidden Muslim Masters (his secret European mission accomplished). There he published Praxis of old Turkish Freemasonry, a study of the practice of Islamic alchemy. From 1926 to 1928, he acted as honorary Mexican consul in Istanbul (Constantinople). Sebottendorff later traveled to the U.S. and Central America, 1929-1931. In 1945, the year Nazism was crushed, Sebottendorff allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Bosporus.

In 1976 the Pulitzer Prize winner John Toland wrote the definitive biography of Adolf Hitler based on previously unpublished documents, diaries, notes, photographs, and dramatic interviews. Toland wrote that when the Nazi chancellor was informed with certainty that Berlin was about to fall, he did not immediately consult German officials to arrange for an escape or relief plan. Instead, he met with displeased representatives of Turkish commercial firms.


A US State Department report says a number of countries regarded as neutral helped the Nazis during the Second World War by allowing Germany to purchase key supplies.... More> Go to Next Page >

Athens Bunker: Extraordinary Rendition?

     In 1980 I briefly rented a basement apartment in Athens, Greece  (Lycabettus - Kolonaki district). One day while cleaning, I discovered a framed canvas that covered a metal door in one of the walls. It looked like a submarine door with an air lock. I called some friends over to help me open it. We had to remove parts of the wooden floor-boards. The bunker walls were a few feet thick. When we opened the door, we found the evidence of a Nazi torture chamber, which I immediately photographed.

The chair with a hole in it was found near the bloody mattress in a corner of the Lycabettus bunker next to a pile of burnt newspaper shreds from the early 1940s featuring articles about the Nazis.

A small ball of clay or soil, pressed around the foot of the chair, bewildered us. We later concluded that "feet of clay" were used to psychologically torture a hostage tied to the chair, who was probably ordered not to move, but to remain perfectly still and motionless at all times. Any movement of the chair would cause the clay lump to crumble and break into smaller fragments. The guards could then measure even the slightest movements that had occurred while they were not in the bunker, and punish the hostage accordingly. A hole in the seat of the chair may have been due to an act of extreme violence or a malicious experiment. I sent the photos to the local police department, but they arrived too late. When the authorities finally got there about a month later, I had been evicted and the evidence had already been removed. But the persons who rented the basement apartment after me were leading members of the Greek TV news media, who communicated with the Greek Prime Minister. Therefore, I cannot rule out the possibility that the bunker may have been examined by intelligence analysts before the local police arrived. What finally became of the disembodied chair and mattress? Did they go to a forensic "area" or were they discarded as rubbish? Most of the bunker witnesses later developed abnormal lumps or growth in their bodies. One died of a brain tumor. Some time later, newspapers reported that an extremely radioactive substance had mysteriously turned up in a scrap metal junkyard near Athens. After several months, a Greek-Turkish friend of mine introduced me to the owner of Athens' most influential newspaper. But my bunker photos were not published because they raised too many questions. I didn't have a story.

It haunted me for some time. The big question was: who was the Lycabettus hostage or victim of this torture chamber? I visited libraries and bookstores looking for war photos that might resemble the Kolonaki bunker. Then in 1997, I found an official war picture that matched up perfectly. 

The mathematical likelihood that similarities between mattress folds, blood spots, and markings on the floor are due to random coincidences is astronomical. In other words, it is more probable that a comet will fall into your tea cup than for the bunker resemblances to be the results of sheer chance.

Please note that I am not out to "prove" anything with this description. I mainly wish to publish a report of what was found in the Lycabettus bunker so that legal investigators can establish what may have happened there. The only problem is this: The dead person in the official photo appears to be Adolf Hitler's double. The alleged body of the Nazi Fuehrer discovered in the Berlin Chancellery garden had only one testicle according to the Russian autopsy report.

The Problem: Important details in the photographs match up - but really should not - because the bunker locations are almost 2000 kilometers apart.  What was a "ghost detainee" doing in the Kolonaki bunker? Was this a case of identity theft or extraordinary rendition? How long was the victim being held as a tortured hostage? How were the Nazis using the Kolonaki - Lycabettus district of Athens during World War Two? A war crime appears to have been committed in the Lycabettus bunker. But why are the authorities today not willing to discover who the victim actually was?

Policy Bosses: Mystics of the New Century?†

More and more news reports are suggesting that the White House suspected an attack was going to happen on Sept 11, but did little about it.
Now we're finding websites claiming that neoconservative White House policy bosses actually wanted something like "a new Pearl Harbor" to happen. It gave them the reason they needed to launch the "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC), described by some observers as a militant plan for American hawks to take over the world.

Will it work? Will it backfire? You might think that  politicians with tolerance would discuss the "New American Century" proclamation and ponder on its possible flaws. But no one now seems to be interested in responding to the White House neocons.
"The process of transformation," the plan said, "is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

Consider that statement. Elite Republicans agree that under "normal circumstances" it would take a long time for their plan to work. But they don't tell us why.

They want us to think it would be a long time because Americans will drag their feet and not rise up to the great calling of a single superpower.

But perhaps one reason it would be a long time is because the US military is not yet prepared to take on the world:

A "core mission" for the transformed US military is to "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars," according to the PNAC.
Add post-Sept 11 trauma and confusion to the initial state of being unprepared for a transformed military and you get just what you see: battle chaos and low morale. A "core mission" cannot be set in motion by misinformation and half-truths.

White House neoconservatives like to point to the Reagan era and advance the notion that America won the Cold War through some sort of military greatness. But that is not really the case. There are no US army bases overlooking the Kremlin today. The Soviet Union collapsed from its unreliable economy, not from preemptive US military strikes.

What about the rest of the isolationist's world? Does the White House really fund Europe to sit back and watch the US unilaterally invade and occupy Mideast countries? Europe has been the world's main battleground for centuries. 
Less than 1% of the world's population supports the PNAC

The suffering and the horrors of war Europeans know first-hand is something American soil has not seen. Most of Europe's modern nations do not want to be the "secondary partners" of a trans-Atlantic industrial military complex. 

Already there is a growing movement to throw out NATO and replace it with a European army. It is feared that Britain may deliver a cold slap in the face to America's hawks. Some analysts expect it to happen with a British switch to the Euro. 

Currently Britain is America's favorite coalition partner. Soon it may become America's "Euro-turncoat" scapegoat.
The White House may see Sept 11 as a good reason to enforce Big Brother tactics on its own citizens. But as the surveillance scheme grows, who will guard the guards? The more Americans perceive they are being misled by the PNAC, the more likely they are to respond negatively to such stimulus, even within the ranks of the military. The persecution of black Americans who embrace Islam revives Ku Klux Klan desires for a new civil war.

A call to preemptive action without a backup plan, the New American Century Project is the arrogant brainchild of gung-ho megalomaniacs. They should all be willing to undergo psychiatric treatment. The Sopranos' boss did. Why not them?

Policy Bosses:  Mystics of the New Century? 
If the PNAC plan goes into effect it will risk millions of lives, producing the most deadly conflict since World War Two.

http://www.americanfreepress.net/12_24_02/America_Pearl_Harbored/america _pearl_harbored.html





http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Project-for-the-New-American-Ce ntury
http://www.ftmeade.army.mil/SoundOFF/archives/SO2002/Apr25/html/04-25New s-Wolfowitz.htm



It seems that perhaps Israeli sources knew what was to happen on 9/11 and warned some people:


Fable Danger: Trojan Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Irving Kristol, the godfather of the neo-conservative movement was a disciple of Leon Trotsky.

"Ever since I can remember, Iíve been a neo-something: a neo-Marxist, a neo-Trotskyist, a neo-liberal, a neo-conservative; in religion a neo-orthodox even while I was a neo-Trotskyist and a neo-Marxist. Iím going to end up a neo- thatís all, neo dash nothing."
And so are many other neo-cons, like Stephen Schwartz:
"To this day, Schwartz speaks of Trotsky affectionately as 'the old man' and 'L.D.' (initials from Trotsky's birth name, Lev Davidovich Bronstein). 'To a great extent, I still consider myself to be [one of the] disciples of L.D,' he admits, and he observes that in certain Washington circles, the ghost of Trotsky still hovers around.
They're even saying that Paul Wolfowitz is the greatest Trotskyite of our times. Some of his associates call themselves "Trotsky-cons."
Does George Bush know who Trotsky was? Not Fox News Trot. His most important contribution was the theory of "Permanent Revolution." It occurs in two stages: First, as a capitalist democracy that quickly corrupts, collapses, and is replaced with a socialist global workforce. The second stage is a grass-roots "Never Again" universal rule that permanently prevents the resurgence of unopposed capitalism. 
But who are the neo-cons more fond of today, Bush or Trotsky? Who's really their sweetheart?
The first stage of the LD theory seems almost complete. In this stage it would have been necessary to encourage (as vanguards) and even tempt (shakers and movers) the American capitalist elite to literally try and take over the world. The New American Century manifesto was just such a blunt red-flag temptation for ambitious right-wing capitalists: "Take the world now or this chance may never return again!" Therefore the first stage is probably a Trojan Horse or "sting" operation, not a plot. Some neo-con Republicans are obviously not in the loop, but targeted for the climactic set-up. Kristol elaborates:
It is not a "movement," as the conspiratorial critics would have it. Neoconservatism is what the late historian of Jacksonian America, Marvin Meyers, called a "persuasion," one that manifests itself over time, but erratically, and one whose meaning we clearly glimpse only in retrospect. Viewed in this way, one can say that the historical task and political purpose of neoconservatism would seem to be this: to convert the Republican party, and American conservatism in general, against their respective wills, into a new kind of conservative politics suitable to governing a modern democracy."
The Trojan Horse of the first stage is "persuasion." And the second stage? Easy street for the clever disciples of Trotsky. Their sigh of relief. Because the blow of a whistle could very well end capitalism as we know it today. Fable Danger: verifiable evidence that September 11 was an inside cover-up, with an emphatic "Never Again" verdict to follow. Does it look like Read My Lips are already puckered up, ready to blow like a hurricane?


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