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During the first weeks of the year 2000, a Russian news broadcast sparked fresh interest in Adolf Hitler's bunker suicide. The broadcast, following reports by former Soviet intelligence agents who claim to have buried the remains of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun in Magdeburg, Germany, said that much evidence was officially ignored at the time, and that the buried remains may not be of the German leader after all.

The Russian autopsy report said that the male body had only one testicle. Aides reportedly had doused the corpse with gasoline and burned it to prevent the body from falling into Soviet hands. It's disappearance prompted reports that Hitler may have escaped. The Soviet autopsy report, first published in 1968, reads in part:

[T]he genital member is scorched. In the scrotum, which was singed but not preserved, only the right testicle was found.

The fact that over half a century has passed without an authorized inquiry or official explanation as to why the male body had only one testicle finally persuaded Russian investigators of a post-war cover-up. The broadcast suggested that the burnt remains may not be of the Nazi dictator.




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What's ALSOS?

Alsos - 1. Greek for sacred grove; a garden or park of amusement and athletics. 2. A codename for the Allied secret operation to locate the Nazi nuclear reactor somewhere in Europe. It was supposedly named after General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project or World War II US nuclear weapons effort. At the end of the war, the ALSOS team, led by Samuel Goudsmit, returned empty-handed.


Sworn to total secrecy, the ALSOS team investigated the Mediterranean area in 1944. The mission returned without any clues.


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It was Germany, not America, which first split the atom. The US didn't have a clue until Einstein warned the White House some years after the Nazi research began. The man in charge of German nuclear research was Werner Heisenberg, a founder of modern quantum physics (he was not a Nazi admirer). The American counterpart, Robert Oppenheimer, was a scientific novice compared to Heisenberg.

We tend to imagine human travel at light speed in terms of a whole, intact person. But the Nazis sure didn't. They literally annihilated a human "target assembly" in a concrete encased reactor. And yes, some particles did reach light speed (mind too). The rest of the mess was fully awake, still alive, but not for long.

Did the Americans conduct their secret nuclear experiments in Washington DC? Of course not. What makes us think the Germans held their experiments in Berlin? Try the Balkans. Is there a battle there now? What are the real reasons? Buried real estate? Uranium engine. Forced shutdown, 1945.  Who finally gets it, America or Russia? Or a Third World Muslim power? By the way, in 1998 a leading cause of cancer in the Balkan area was - radon, radium, etc. seeping up from the ground. Did we say radiation leaks? NATO covered that over with depleted uranium-tipped missiles.

Most Americans don't understand why Germany was not interested in making an atomic bomb. They could not use such a weapon in the European warfront. Too close to home. What were they making, then? Put the pieces together: Can you see it? A 'death ray' of binary fission. More terrible than any modern US laser weapon. In June, 2000, Germany scrapped its nuclear energy project altogether. But Turkey was starting its own.

The 'death ray' we speak of is the neutron beam invented by Chadwick in the 1930s. When a neutron source collides with a uranium or fissile target, you have a nuclear reaction, which can be controlled. A-bombs are uncontrolled reactions.

The war in the Balkans was perhaps due to the possibility that Serbia wanted to hold on to its part of the uranium engine, and finally hand it over to Russia instead of NATO (for the coming Caspian pipeline). Turkey, on the other hand (Albania's protectorship), suddenly emerged as  the second largest power in NATO, with more troops  even than Britain. Remember this: the uranium engine (codenamed ALSOS) was built by ten million Jewish slaves, working day and night without pay. They were then all killed to 'keep the secret.' No country today can afford to produce such a vast nuclear war machine.

Why would modern science still be concerned with a 'primitive' reactor over fifty years old? Because it's larger than a football stadium. It's all of Fortress Europe. What are we talking about? European 'plumbing' of the 1930s and 40s, heralded by the German architect Leo von Klenze.

Remember how the Nazis used lethal gas to kill prisoners of the death camps? Plumbing. The secret was in the showers. Now, nuclear reactors use a great deal of plumbing, particularly if they employ heavy water (instead of graphite) for a moderator. The evil genius of the Nazis was to transform the major water works of modern Europe into a dual-purpose underground reactor. Every major city in Europe has stately neo-classic embassy mansions. In the basements of these buildings are fortified bunkers with steel doors (first built in the 1930s and 40s - See: Charter of Athens, 1933 ), where the ambassadors, diplomats, etc., will hide in safety, in the event of a military air strike.

But the Nazis had another plan. These are the cauldrons of hell. At the sound of the last trump or air raid siren, Europe's leaders will run to their bunkers only to find that the piped water supply has been 'tapped' with... death ray, neutron beam, looking for a fissile target.

The basements of Europe's embassies will then burn with nuclear hellfire. Thunder and lightning, downstairs. There are no radiation leaks in this case, are there? Place of pure marble. Do not say water. Doors of steel. Nations shall tumble. But we'll try not to let that happen, won't we? Street makers, heart breakers. Under new management. How long will it take us to uproot and rebuild the European death ray infrastructure? We estimate about thirty years.

"Honey, why are both taps hot?"

"I would say that I was absolutely convinced of the possibility of our making a uranium engine, but I never thought we would make a bomb, and at the bottom of my heart I was really glad that it was to be an engine and not a bomb." 
- Werner Heisenberg

Hitler may have intended to activate his nuclear death ray engine when he ordered the destruction of Paris. But the sabotage of a key pipeline bridge postponed such action. The Allies landed in Europe before the uranium engine could be functional again. It was forced to shut down in 1945, but its location was never disclosed. To play down their wartime incompetence, US intelligence agencies continue to insist that German scientists did not try to develop an atomic weapon, but worked instead on a nuclear power plant. Half a century later, the American pretence is obvious: for where is that Nazi power plant, the nuclear factory built by the greatest slave force the world has ever known? This popular fallacy suggests that while America was secretly constructing the first atomic bomb, German experts were developing "peaceful uses" of nuclear fission, for mankind's most destructive war.


1939 - 1945. War of the atom. Who was the unknown soldier?

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