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The Hidden Origins of Nazism (4)



 (Part 4) Learn The Old Language

In the aftermath of World War II, Germany was virtually left without a Jewish population. By contrast, recent statistics show that there are now more Turks living in Germany than any other country outside of Turkey. 

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem

Currently in Austria, Joerg Haider's past sympathies to aspects of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime made Haider one of Europe's most controversial politicians. The EU quickly imposed sanctions after Haider began to form a coalition in 2000 with conservative Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel. In France, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National (FN) anti-Semitic political party has made more headway, becoming a central element in French political life.

It sadly appears that many neo-Nazi advocates today are not fully aware of its hidden origins. While claiming to be excessively devoted to Christian or Saxon ideals, they are in fact the unwitting supporters of a German secret society for Ottoman jihad. Their war against God of Israel.

Many reputable religious and some historical scholars in the West believe Hitler was the devil incarnate, as prophesied in the Bible, and even by the noted French seer Nostradamus. But in the Middle East the Arab Mufti worshipped Hitler as an avenging god. Hitler was worshipped by many Arabs, who offered their armies to help the Nazis cross into Jerusalem, Delhi, Teheran, and Samarkand. 
Yasser Arafat’s uncle served as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1920s and 1930s. His greatest achievement was the recruitment of tens of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania to the Nazi SS. "Kill the Jews wherever you find them," he once said during a 1944 Berlin broadcast. "This pleases God, history, and religion." 

Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, (my struggle, my jihad) is still required reading in various Arab capitals and universities, and is widely distributed by others.  A Muslim  newspaper recently wrote: "Thanks to Hitler, of blessed memory, who on behalf of the Palestinians, revenged in advance, against the most vile criminals on the face of the earth." The persecution of Jews and deprival of Christianity are lesser aims of pseudo-Islamic Freemasons. Their main ambition is to hasten the occurrence of an Ottoman revival, using such short-term procedures as jihad in the Middle East, and NATO's current rearrangement of the Balkans.

By the late 19th century, Masonic lodges were scattered across the Ottoman Empire, from Constantinople where Young Turks were beguiled by the secretive brotherhood, to Greater Syria and Egypt where emerging nationalists aped their European assailant. With time, inter and intra-Freemasonry rivalries increased in proportion to the numbers of lodges that surfaced all over Egypt.

Secret Chiefs from the Mystical East

The real brains behind the September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, indeed the mastermind of the entire  terrorist campaign against America (The Great Satan) was not Osama bin Laden at all — but the man often described as Al Qaeda's No 2, the Egyptian-born physician Ayman Mohammed Rabie Zawahiri. (See: Scientist Guard, cryogenics)

Funds Zawahiri raised for charities were used for the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 1995. Officials have downplayed the fact that some of Al Qaeda's September 11 hijackers were based in Germany and reportedly received flight training at US military airports.

Zawahiri, a wealthy member of Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood who took over the Islamic Jihad group,  became adept at using false passports, masquerading as an Arab with Swiss, French or Dutch citizenship. He got to know his enemy at first hand by living in Western Europe and the US. 

Zawahiri met bin Laden in 1989. They had much in common, including wealthy backgrounds and a zeal for the fundamentalist Muslim cause. Zawahiri, by then convinced that the only way to Muslim victory was through violent overthrow of moderate Arab regimes, became a mentor to bin Laden, said fellow radical Montasser al-Zayat.

"He became bin Laden's teacher, shaping his mind toward the idea" of holy war, said al-Zayat, who a decade later defended his friend in a military court in Cairo that sentenced Zawahiri to death in absentia for terrorist acts inside Egypt.

"Bin Laden transformed then, and that was the basis for Al Qaeda."

August Hanning, the head of the German Federal Intelligence Service, recently said he believes Osama bin Laden is still alive and was consulted in planning for major Al Qaeda attacks ``but he did not operationally prepare the actions, and probably didn't even know all the details of the preparations.'' 

A cynical misinterpretation of Islam began decades ago by such romantic-idealists as the Pakistani Abul-Ala Maudoodi and the Egyptian Sayyid Qutb. Although Maudoodi and Qutb were not serious thinkers, they could, at least offer a coherent ideology based on a narrow reading of the Islamic texts. Their ideas, distilled down to Bin Laden, became mere slogans designed to incite zealots to murder.

People like Maudoodi and Qutb could catch the ball and run largely because most Muslim intellectuals did not deem it necessary to continue the work of Muslim philosophers. Modern Muslim intellectuals, seduced by fashionable Western ideologies, left the new urban masses of Islam’s teeming cities exposed to the half-baked ideas that Maudoodi and Qutb peddled. In time, Maudoodo-Qutbism provided the ideological topography in which Bin Ladenism could grow.

Now, however, many Muslim intellectuals are returning home, so to speak. They are rediscovering Islam’s philosophical heritage and beginning to continue the work started by pioneers of Islamic political thought over 1,000 years ago. Paradoxically, it is Maudoodo-Qutbism that is now being exposed as a pseudo-Islamic version of Western totalitarian ideologies. - Amir Taheri, Arab News Staff

"We may perhaps, also give them the benefit of the doubt, and suppose that they have little or no positive knowledge of the extreme views and policy of some members of local lodges that are in touch and sympathy with Egyptian Freemasons and working in the same subterranean way in Cairo, Alexandria, etc. For some of the ultra-chauvinistic Masons here are working with the anti-Khedive and anti-English parties in Egypt, and an Arab deputy and Mason stated recently that he had good reason to suppose that one of their back-thoughts was, by propaganda occasional display of the Ottoman fleet at Alexandria, to foster unrest and eventually lead up to disorders, in the course of which His Highness the Khedive would be made to disappear by the 'black hand,' and a member of the Halim branch be appointed regent of the Khedive’s son on the lines of the recent dynastic change in Persia."

Mehmet Talat Pasha

"The [Young Turks] Committee of Union and Progress undoubtedly encouraged and co-operated with the Persians in this latter event, and there is now question of starting a Persian Grand Orient, Ferrajullah Khan, the new Persian charge d'affaires, having recently become a Mason. The type of chauvinistic Young Turk who holds such views is an 'Asiatic Nationalist,' and, no matter how grateful he may feel to a European Government for services rendered, would consider it his 'patriotic' duty to help other Orientals 'rightly struggling to be free' in Egypt or in India, to attain their freedom from European 'bondage.' The Committee’s policy is not guided by sentimental considerations, and any Power that expects gratitude for services rendered to Young Turkey would be making an egregious miscalculation."  - Sir Gerard Lowther, British Ambassador to Turkey during the early 1900s.

She looked at the Satanic Dark Arts manuscript in the Istanbul bookstall and pointed to the black magic circle on its faded cover. "Isn't that the jihad morning star called Lucifer in the middle, and the crescent moon around it?" she politely asked.

"Have you ever considered," replied the old mustached book seller, "joining a global secret society for people who, shall we say... know too much?"

The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine admits members who are at least 32nd degree Masons or Knights Templar. Shrine-associated organizations for wives and female relatives of Shrine members include the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the Daughters of the Nile.

Photo: The ceremonial Turkish fez caps of Shriner Masons, 33rd degree (outlawed by Ataturk). New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, London, Paris, etc. Over a million admirers of a "divine conspiracy" to replace the belief systems of the West with Ottoman jihad. But the Information Age is quickly putting an end to this corruption. Because the ceremonial support of jihad is now against the law in America, and most parts of Europe. Their great wealth is ours tomorrow.

It is a very slow and tedious process to infiltrate another belief system and convince others to abandon the faith of their fathers in order to accept Ottoman jihad. That's why one has to first go through the various degrees of Freemasonry before being finally "accepted" as a Shriner or Grotto member. Rising up in the ranks of Freemasonry does not mean passing exams. According to some ex-members, it often means having to "cover up" for others, or having to commit perjury to conceal unlawful acts of judges, lawyers, police officers, etc. who are also in the brotherhood

By then, you are very high in the organization. And when the final sublime mystery (that it was an Ottoman plot to begin with) is revealed to you, there is no turning back. A former Mason recently wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: "I was approached to join a rather grand lodge, whose romantic name I will not reveal in case - as the regulations stipulate - my guts are cut out of my still-living body and buried in the sand of a beach at low-tide...  I was therefore tremendously keen to join, and duly underwent all the ceremonies necessary to become a full and active mason. These were certainly very impressive indeed, both visually and in terms of the complex ritual, but for the sake of my gizzard I will not describe them either." The oath of punishment for disloyal members would be illegal for any other established organization. It is a "magical" declaration implying that Freemasons secretly take revenge and justice into their own hands.  School initiation rites lacking good sense (hazing) within American fraternities and sororities have now been outlawed.

Of course, Shriners keep children's hospitals (Hitler built new schools and highways). They need a good cover in the West to appear as a pro-Islamic charity or humanitarian organization. A best weapon is to own the nearest hospital personnel, be it for the purpose of falsely certifying a death by natural causes, or for overseeing the notoriously bungled autopsy of JFK.  In 1985, the Shriner Circuses generated 23 Million Dollars, and only 2% went to medical care of children. In 1984, out of 17 Million Dollars only 1% went to charity, the rest for the Order. Originally, medieval masons were stone-workers who built temples, streets, and castles. Those who knew of secret passages to kings' quarters were kept under observation by the royal guard, and ordered to group into special guilds. Today some Freemasons are defense contractors, grouped into small circles for the sake of national security. 
An unnamed member of the federal government's Fight Against Terrorism team said on May 7, 2002 that a planned investigation of pro-Islamic charities in Sarajevo would be called off before it started. An article that morning in a daily newspaper reporting on the investigation served to tip off the charities, which had enough time to hide or destroy evidence before the investigators could start. The planned targets of the inquiry were the charities High Saudi Committee, Human Appeal International, Human Relief International, and the International Islamic Relief Organization. Also on the list were Active Islamic Youth, the scholarship agency NEDWE, and an organization known as Dzematu-ul-Furqan.


Shriner Masonic lodges were first established near the end of  the American Civil War when an Ottoman diplomat initiated important Freemasons into his Grand Al Mufti "Divan" secret society with an elaborately staged musical comedy presented in France. In 1872 the first Shrine Temple meeting was held in New York City Masonic Hall. The Supreme Council of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (Grotto) was established in 1890.

Camouflaged behind the humor, parades, and amusing aspects of such flamboyant pseudo-Islamic fraternities, a secret plan or new mythology naturally unfolded in America to lobby for the restoration of the Ottoman Khilafah (Caliphate) abolished by Kemal Ataturk in the early 1920s.

Obviously, the Shriner or Grotto fez cap is not the native dress of New Yorkers.  Favorite shrines they love to rant about are Mecca, and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul). But that is not relevant to outsiders. Don't expect to find much political information on official Shriner sites posted for public viewing. It is because of such influential pro-Islamic secret pressure groups that Western governments have been forced to turn a blind eye to Anatolia's all too frequent human rights violations and her hardened disregard for international agreements:  "The governments of Europe and America seek to appease the Arabs for fear of losing their oil supply." But according to Post-Cold War sources, the Shriner organization is about to collapse, first in England, then in the USA. In North America, it is currently losing about 46 members every 24 hours.  In 2001, reporters witnessed two female performers climb upon a Shriner banquet table, fondle each other, and kiss and be touched by as many as eight men at one time. Some of the men were seen to pour beer on the women and put beer bottles between their legs. Patrons performed oral sex on the women in view of more than 100 men. At several points, the women tried to stop the men from fondling them, complaining they were in pain and discomfort.

 Wolf in sheep's clothing:  Claiming to be the keepers of ancient and divine spiritual secrets, Masonic groups have been blamed for devilish scandals ranging from the death of the composer Mozart to organized money-laundering crimes that recently brought down the Italian government. Many lodges are also connected to known paramilitary organizations. The "Elective Divan" or hierarchy of Shriner Freemasonry controls the following posts of command: "Marshal, Capt. of the Guard, Arab Patrol, Black Horse Patrol, Knight of Mecca, etc." These are not traditional grades of the Sufi mystics, but militia ranks of Ottoman aggression encouraged by repetitive magical rites.

The secret central ritual of masonry has been penetrated from time to time by numerous journalists. It has been described as a boisterous, formal ceremony based on costumes, and the role-play reenactment of ritual murder, seemingly to avenge the death of the stone-builder Hiram Abif, a  spirit-hero of Masonic myths associated in the Old Testament with Solomon's temple. It is almost ludicrous how some Freemasons suppose they have a right to conceal their secrets, even when they appear to be involved with national security issues, the death of a pope, or human rights matters. Investigative reporters are usually accused of being spies or thievish criminals. "For nothing is covered, which shall not be revealed, and hidden which shall not be known." - Matt 10:26

"The multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure doctrine of Lucifer."

Illustrious Albert Pike 33
Letter 15 August 1871 
Addressed to Grand Master Guiseppie Mazzini 33
Archives British Museum
London, England

"Under the Fez Cap." 
Inside Information 

God had his Lucifer; America has its turkey town. 
The second largest army in NATO, with an eye on the number one spot.

"Ironically, after winning the war against Nazism, it is the Americans who are helping revitalize it. For years, U.S. groups have been the major source of Nazi-inspired books, memorabilia, and propaganda; such materials are illegal in Germany but protected by the First Amendment here."

"German neo-Nazi groups are also flocking to U.S.-based Internet providers. The German government's crackdown on the far right, following a spate of violent attacks on foreigners, has prompted extremist groups there to transfer scores of Web sites to the United States. German intelligence officials say 70 percent of the nearly 400 German neo-Nazi sites are now on American servers, and nearly a third of those would be illegal under German law."

- US NEWS, World Report 9/25/00

 First the Jew, Then the Greek:  Contrary to popular opinion, the world's most powerful "Secret Chiefs" (outside of Constantinople) are not based in England, Germany or the United States. They are farther east; in Palestine, Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, and Greece. This is partly due to the obvious historical significance of these regions during the Crusades. But it is also mainly because these geographical areas present the greatest threat to the spread of Ottoman militancy. The elimination of Hellenism and removal of the creed of the Hellenistic Jew (Christianity) are of fundamental importance for Ottoman jihad to conquer the western world. 
England, the world's foremost sponsor of Freemasonry, granted knighthood to some of its pirates in the 16th and 17th centuries because the looted wealth they attained contributed to the cause of colonization. Among the plundered riches are the so-called "Elgin Marbles" or ancient Greek marble friezes from the Parthenon, sold to the British Museum in 1816 by Lord Elgin who acquired them from the
Turks occupying Athens and using the Parthenon for target practice. The British government has refused to return them to Greece.

On the 9th of June 1993, the United Grand Lodge of England withdrew recognition of the Grand Lodge of Greece by reason of "the encouragement of the discussion of politics in Grand Lodge and its subordinate Lodges." An allegation which is refuted in its entirety by the Grand Lodge of Greece.

Ironically, Turkey has controlled the original Christian Church since the occupation of Constantinople in 1453.

For over five hundred years, no Orthodox Christian patriarch was ever appointed to conduct Church policy without the express consent of Turkish Muslim authorities.  

This repression over many centuries is perhaps reflected today by misleading "Modern Christian" arguments that Jesus Christ was an ally of wealth, and that the poor are to blame for their poverty.

Turbans in the House of Lords? Today, more and more people in the West are abandoning the modern Orthodox Church because its post-Byzantine policies were formulated and are still being regulated by aggressive pro-Turkish resources. This is perhaps why Grand Orient Freemasonry continues to show favor to Sufi customs while reducing the importance of Jesus Christ. It has kept Christianity in subservience to Mesopotamian and Ottoman folk beliefs.

By imposing reformed conditions to the doctrine of the Nicene Creed and urging interpreters of New Testament manuscripts to conform with Ottoman views and interests, Turkey in effect has oppressed all of the world's Christian sects and denominations. Today, for example, very few people know that the Seven Churches of the Revelation represent districts of modern-day Turkey, a territory in Asia Minor where also "Satan's seat is."  During the Crusader wars, Turkish armed units arrogantly declared themselves to be "the forces of antichrist" on political and religious grounds. Antisocial attitudes are still voiced today within Turkey, frequently implying that Europe is a "Christian club."

 Penetrating Europe 

Nazi ideology was inspired by German fringe-masonic groups (Thule) and occult secret societies (Vril) which had an obsession for Teutonic and Crusader lore. Their objects of reverence included the Holy Grail, the Spear of Longinus,
and other legendary relics of Christendom such as the True Cross, captured by the Turks in 1187 at Hattin. But due to Germany's alliance with Turkey in World War One, Christianity and its Hebrew roots were thoroughly despised by the leaders of the Third Reich. Instead they acclaimed the Ottoman soldier as the true victor and Aryan master of the Crusader wars.

A similar view was shared by various Masonic "Grand Orient" lodges throughout the world which saw Jesus as nothing more than a moral teacher. The wearing of fez caps, stoneworker's aprons, and colorful Crusades-era Sufi emblems frequently linked some branches of Freemasonry to popular Ottoman lore. To explain this away, Shriner and Grotto Freemasons often try to advance the notion that they inherited their secrets "for amusement" from kingdoms which no longer exist. Like the mysteries of never-never land, they faded into antiquity and ceased to have any real function in the world, other than through the few lodges which faithfully preserved their occult truths. 

"The US government believes some businesses and charity groups may be supporting 
al Qaeda financially. Federal investigators have conducted raids nationwide on
jewelry stores 
owned mostly by Pakistanis, hoping to break up fronts for terrorist groups or their financial backers, 
U.S. officials have acknowledged."

But in fact, it is the Byzantine Empire, and the Christian kingdom of Outremer established by crusader knights in Palestine, which no longer exist. Turkey still stands today. It has been spreading its Ottoman publicity and exerting its influence internationally for over five hundred years, while advancing the strict jihad goal of penetrating Germanic North Europe and replacing Judeo-Christianity. If a prize were ever awarded to a land for secrecy, craftiness, and cunning skill, it must certainly go to Asia Minor. It's age-old dream of infiltrating Europe through secret paramilitary brotherhoods has virtually been realized. For today, with the mission of NATO, the Anatolian land of Turkey has established the largest army on the European continent, where some observers think it belongs. 

Gross Ottoman injustice was to convince uneducated masses that Islam is a military Order, not a religion of love and peace.  Hitler utilized this militant archetype by turning Nazism into "the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood" based on Sebottendorff's racist views of the Turkish Sufi tradition.

Another common misconception concerns the figure of Hiram Abif, a hardly known stone-mason in the Old Testament who through Masonic tales was elevated to the high status of "Master Builder" and the central figure of Freemasonry. Despite popular belief, Hiram Abif was not a local inhabitant of ancient Palestine, but a native of Tyre (modern-day Lebanon) which fell to Muslim forces in medieval times. Hiram (the widow's son) may therefore be seen as the figure of a symbolic subdivision of Ishmael, or ancestor of the followers of Arab and Ottoman customs. Hence, Jesus the carpenter-builder and his Hebrew lineage are cleverly downgraded in Freemasonry. Foreseeing this, Jesus said he would tear down the temple (built by Hiram Abif), or the frail human structure, and rebuild it in three days.

The architectural "hollow earth" dream of Hitler was to 
construct a vast network of underground tunnel systems
"The terrorists are the heirs of fascism." - George W. Bush

A pro-Ottoman "Invisible Empire" would link the German National Redoubt in the Balkans to Hitler's secret bunker complex in Asia Minor. Using the forced labor of ten million slaves, the Nazi "New Babylon" would reach far into the Middle East, and take up caves and oil wells, deep in the strata of the earth. The White House hinted at the immensity of such a base by saying it could take "a long time" to win the war against terrorism.

WMD: The Pet Project Riddle?

The White House continues to imply that Saddam once had weapons of mass destruction, despite the lack of evidence. We know from Saddam's own scientists that they were receiving funds for weapons projects they never implemented. They lied to Saddam. Yet the question remains: what did they do with all the money? It would be unwise to suggest  they spent billions of dollars on new cars and villas. After all, they were experts in science and it is far more likely that they applied Iraqi funds to their own "pet research projects" which Saddam probably knew nothing about.  A similar incident took place during World War Two when Werner Heisenberg's nuclear team continued to  receive cash from the Third Reich without ever developing an atomic bomb. They invested in their own high-energy ray studies instead.  If Saddam's weapons experts did such a thing, we cannot rule out the possibility that they were secretly aided by financial organizations and  industrial petroleum firms with outlets in Iraq, which were until recently beyond suspicion.  A more penetrating WMD investigation could add further embarrassment to America's war on terrorism. 

Years ago, some observers were indignant when Nazi sympathizer and collaborator Kurt Waldheim was appointed Secretary-General of the U.N. Now the U.S. Congress has begun to investigate possible "Oil-for-Food" complicity with Saddam in perpetrating the biggest scandal in U.N. history. The next unavoidable question: 


"Did the U.N. somehow contribute to terrorism against America?"

It would be very weak-minded indeed, and lacking in resolution, to maintain that all role-playing secret societies and forms of Masonry are platforms of Nazism or the worship of djinns and devils. During the Middle Ages, for example, the Roman Catholic Church refused to allow Jews to become Christians, regardless of how strongly they believed in Jesus. For this reason, membership in a secret society was their only available choice for doing homage to Christ.

A more balanced statement, in accordance with fact, would be to say that there is truly a concealed war taking place in the world today; a conflict kept out of our prevailing mass media. Secret organizations or cabals in high places are presently engaged in a sacred battle for the collective spirit or soul of the human race. Perhaps the Herodians and Essenes of biblical legacy are imports of the modern York and Scottish Rites of Freemasonry. One side struggles to enslave all of mankind and give authority to the brutal and the unenlightened. The other seeks to educate, to set humanity free from oppression, and to arouse the divine nature within each of us. The historical legend of this Masonic battle for supremacy is over five hundred years old, a direct result of the European Crusaders' loss of Jerusalem.

When Japan lost the Second World War, it was required by law to abandon "Emperor worship" and receive some of the social tenets of Americanism. In a similar way, when the West lost the Holy Land Crusades, it was forced to accept: "Ride my fez to Chicago." If you think all this has nothing to do with Middle East heroin-trafficking, you missed the point of the Craft's fabled secret wealth: On November 3, 1996 a car accident revealed the intimate connections among fascist organizations such as the Turkish Action Party (MHP), their terrorist arm, the Grey Wolves, right wing reactionary parties, state security agencies, military intelligence and drug-trafficking Mafiosi. Turkish deputy Sedat Bucak revealed that Grey Wolves chief Abdullah Catli, who died in the car crash, spearheaded a campaign of arson fires that ravaged Greek islands during summer tourist seasons.

  Who Stands to Win from Ottoman Terrorism?

The American public is now earnestly asking: Why did terrorists attack New York City? The stock reply we have been hearing from our leading politicians - "because they hate our modern freedom" - is not an acceptable answer for most people. The ordinary person is seriously wondering what economic motives might be connected to such attacks.

Here are some important factors to consider:

 1. Terrorism against America was designed to harm the world's prevailing system of wealth. If the attacks continue, perhaps with biological and radioactive weapons of terror, the US Dollar will weaken considerably. In this respect, the Euro will stand to win as the single most important international currency. The changeover from national currencies to a European money is a major step in world history.

 2. In coming years, when the public ceases to think of the September 11 tragedy, Turkey is expected to enter the Common Market as a full member of the European Union. If the economy of the Dollar does not recover quickly, the administration of world trade could conceivably shift to Europe, at least temporarily. Multinational companies once based in America, are already transferring accounts and production lines to other countries.

3. Due to the great size of its population and its overbearing military needs, Turkey will resolve by a majority to virtually undertake co-management of the European Union's money resources. Together with Germany and France (and seemingly reluctant Britain), Turkey's interests could regulate the Euro, which by then might be considered the world's most important currency.

4. Although Sept. 11 was a disastrous blow to America, it would be a serious mistake to assume that Islamic terrorists want to "destroy" the U.S. economy. What they actually want is to "conquer" it and ultimately control it. The real players in this artful plot are not the suicidal thugs we hear of in the media. The key participants are influential people in learned or scientific professions, many of them American citizens, who support various Masonic pro-Ottoman lodges and pseudo-Muslim Grand Orient "charities" in order to gain wealth and power. The recent Enron and WorldCom scandals are disturbing examples of how vast sums of money and available stocks are mysteriously vanishing  from America's prescribed regulations.  The apocalyptic stage has already been set for the decline of the Dollar and the rise of the Euro. High-paying white-collar jobs are moving overseas, where exporters are shunning Dollars and turning to the Euro. Turkey's membership in the European Union  will be the broad gateway to considerable wealth and power for the rest of the advancing Islamic world. But with that, the West must also expect the arrival of what this report is indeed about: the reawakening of "Sufi" Nazism in a new world order, and the corrupt curtailment of civil rights. (Unless of course, Turkey really values invitations to join the modern nations of Europe and boldly dissociates itself from Ottoman jihad ambitions).

The changeover from national currencies to a European money is a major step in world history. The modern battle for market dominance is not a political or religious controversy. It is an economic quarrel and the sides are now split between the Dollar and the Euro. Indeed, it would be much safer for the world if custodians of the Dollar and the Euro were to strike a 50-50 deal, rather than to plunge mankind into a series of petrol wars with Islam as their scapegoat.  
"The global potential of the European Union's currency (the Euro) and the rising anti-U.S. sentiment in the Middle East coupled with a series of other recent events, may lead OPEC to change oil pricing from the Dollar to the Euro -- a decision which could have a drastic effect on the U.S. economy..." -TomPaine.com

Why This Seems So Absurd

Alternative Motive? Is  America currently being attacked by Muslim terrorists because the leaders of "Sufi" Nazism recently lost their control over ALSOS? (What's ALSOS?)

The Byzantine-Ottoman Empire was, by far, the longest ongoing government in all of recorded history. Yet the average Western student knows practically nothing about it, being unable even to distinguish between Ottoman militancy and Muslim faith. At length, this period of civilization cannot be communicated systematically because the official Ottoman Archives have not been released to the public, although their scheme of action has been outlawed since 1923.

The final years of the Ottoman Empire may prove to hide great humiliation or folly. According to a British Ambassador, Turkey considered allowing its Jews to form a homeland near Iraq during the First World War. This may have been one reason for the alleged persecution of Armenians in Anatolia, as noted by US Ambassador Morganthau, Britain's Viscount Bryce, and others. But when the German-Turkish Central Powers were defeated and the Ottoman Empire quickly collapsed, Britain allowed Palestine, not Mesopotamia, to become the new homeland of the Jews. The Balfour Declaration  infuriated Ottoman reactionary groups which saw Jerusalem as a Muslim prized possession. They campaigned against it in Germany under the guise of Aryan revivalism and helped to shape the occult core of Nazism.

The Holocaust was not the first event of its type. But in its duration, systematic unfolding, and near success, and in the fact that it happened virtually under the noses of the Western democracies, it has become the archetype of modern repression on the grandest scale possible. - ''Leave the Holocaust out of it, or get it right." YellowTimes, April 26, 2002 

Holocaust Denial Makes Waves in Turkey: A new revisionist book in Turkey has been receiving both warm praise and sharp criticism. Published in Istanbul, Soykirim Yalani ("Holocaust Deception") is the first book-length denial of the Holocaust issue to appear in the nation of some 64 million people. The book has received praise from Turkish newspapers affiliated with the country's Islamic Welfare Party, whose leader was the country's prime minister. At the same time, "Holocaust Deception" has come under fire from pro-Zionist sources trying to preserve Israel's new military alliance with Turkey.

When the United States and Britain finally attacked Saddam's Iraq in March 2003, Turkey refused to agree with the official US position and instead accepted the European Union's anti-war stance. Today the oil fields of northern Iraq remain the subject of tense disputes. Pentagon officials secretly fear that Kurdish unrest and rampant looting in those territories could compel Turkey to "protect" the northern oil wells and use them as a bargaining chip for quicker entry into the European Union.

Division or Unity?

After the Sept. 11 attack, the UK moved quickly to support America in the fight against terrorism. In the wars that followed in Afghanistan and Iraq, Britain was clearly seen as America's leading military ally. Meanwhile, most members of the European Union had cautiously distanced themselves from US war preparations.
Yet the time is coming when Americans might expect the cold shoulder from Britain. The UK must soon make a choice between Europe and the US, if Britain is to move forward in joining the Euro monetary union. Some American observers fear that integrating European currencies might tie the UK too closely to the Franco-German project of creating a new superpower or alternative power center to the United States. Other theorists claim this is already happening. 
Because Britain is said to be the world's leading sponsor of fringe-masonry, London was suspiciously regarded by some as the world capital of Al-Qaeda. The alleged intrigue of the secret chiefs would be to entice and embroil the United States in frustrating conflict and heavy loss, then suddenly switch British allegiance to the Euro currency,
over which the UK ultimately aims to play a prominent leadership role. Turbans in the House of Lords?

Some observers are alarmed that despite US concerns, British intelligence sources have exerted more control over White House policy than the CIA. In his controversial State of the Union address President Bush said: "The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

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Double Agent?

Although previously discredited by the CIA as false information based on forged documents, the misleading statement was not removed from the president's speech. It incorrectly shaped the US government's case for war with Iraq. It now appears that the Bush administration had been influenced more by British spy reports than by well-founded US intelligence.  While the English occultist Aleister Crowley was an infamous pro-German propagandist and hidden originator of Nazism, he was a prominent symbol of London fringe-masonry and in contact with British intelligence.

When Crowley was asked why he supported German propaganda and contributed to the origin of Nazism, he implied that he was really a double agent. His true purpose was to weaken and reduce Germany to thuggish indignity: "My conscience was clear. I had been loyal to England. I had suffered for her sake as much as any man; I had 'fought the good fight, despising the shame', starvation and solitude of soul and body: I was content... Let the British public come to honour me for my stubborn endurance of the shameful martyrdom, still cruel and still dear."

Are villainous aspects of the "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC) being guided by a similar stubborn English endurance? Is it a secret fund entreaty of hidden Masonic benefactors? Are erroneous British spy reports being dispatched to White House neocons in order to weaken and reduce the US to thuggish indignity, as England prepares to adopt the Euro and emerge at the helm of the world's next superpower?

US Accuses British Over Arms Deal Bribery: Anonymous call led senator to speak to police

New facts may sometimes seem strange and even absurd. Very often, unfamiliar information is scorned before being accepted as self-evident.

Because the Ottoman Archives are censored and blocked. 

Conspiracy One: Ottoman jihad. Over five hundred years in the making. 

A Predictable Outcome. Elves and fairies are of the local myths of the North Sea. 
Baal, Jahbulon, and Hiram Abif have absolutely nothing to do with worshipful "Scottish" rites. They are all products of Mesopotamian and Ottoman folklore. As this obvious fact begins to sink into the media, the general public may soon understand how some "respectable" Masonic lodges and
"good works" charities could actually have given rise to occult Nazi groups, being cells for Islamic militancy against Judeo-Christianity and the West.

They know not what they do? A popular website defending Freemasonry recently argued that the Shriners and Grottos were created as 'fun' groups based on the mysteries of the Middle East. "These friends and Masons created a ritual which used the names and barely understood symbols from that seeming mystical and magical area. Pyramids, camels, curved swords (scimitars), and most of all, the 'words' used to name the 'temples'.  All of this was done with essentially no knowledge of the religious implications of what they were co-opting. Now, over a hundred years later, we still know precious little about this far-away and often confusing area."  
We should therefore not be disturbed after the attack on America to see Shriners and Grotto members promoting the ornaments of Ottoman jihad, because they represent amusement.

Shriners and Grotto members wear symbols of the crescent moon and the morning star (known as Lucifer) on their fez caps. They claim it is in good fun, but they use Islamic symbols. Not only do those symbols represent Muslim forces in the west, they are on the flags of many Islamic nations.
In Turkey and some other countries it is strictly against the law to wear Muslim flag symbols on clothing (hats, etc.). A minimum jail sentence of a year is in store for those who think it's good fun. What gives Shriners and Grotto members the right to sacrilege a world faith?
Using symbols in violation of what is regarded as sacred is not acceptable. If they actually are pro-Muslim soldier "Mecca knights," why not openly reveal themselves as western admirers of Al Qaeda? Do they really fancy themselves to be veiled Ottoman militia prophets?

The defenders of Grand Orient Freemasonry must ask themselves one vital question: "Could conservative secret societies that for the sake of fun display the indigenous attire, militant decorations, and other embellishments of Ottoman jihad serve as unintentional covers for Al Qaeda or similar terrorist cells in the West?"

"We now know that London was the world capital of Al-Qaeda and that New York was its financial nerve center." 
- Amir Taheri, Arab News Staff

New Age Religion? 
A pseudo-Islamic version of Western totalitarian ideologies.

A new technological infrastructure costing billions of dollars, based on security and surveillance is now being installed in America and many parts of Europe. In time, the security guards will become so numerous and widespread, that they may find a perfect opportunity to assert their own collective beliefs above those of Fringe-Masonic Ottoman jihad, so entrenched in our modern financial associations. The planned New Age religion of "Secular Sufism" may not gain the public's approval. The guards could then disregard their bureaucratic "ascended masters" who will find themselves lacking the technical knowledge needed to maintain a global security system. This could form the basis of the coming earth coup, or as some Bible readers believe, the millennium of the Messiah. A New World Order will perhaps happen, but it's nature may be just the opposite of how it was originally planned.


"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex." -President Dwight D. Eisenhower

General Eisenhower achieved one of the greatest victories in the history of human warfare: the defeat of Nazism. But today Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other neoconservatives are apparently ignoring Eisenhower's Republican warning. They have unjustifiably strengthened their military industrial complex investments, yet have not been able to capture Osama bin Laden or any authoritative figure behind the September 11 attacks. Their critics blame them for a failed Middle East policy which appears to primarily support the interests of Israeli hawks, while propagating new enemies against America.


Dubya's Dilemma

Since the September 11 attacks, George W. Bush has been hit with a tidal wave of criticism that sometimes tends to portray him as a smirking chimpanzee. His dilemma is that the general public is acutely aware of the fact that a certain interest group (multinational military industrial complex) is profiting from the recent wars that resulted after "ground zero." But the American public is certainly not profiting from it. Jobs are being lost at the most alarming rate since the Great Depression.

Official US documents seem to suggest that Saudi Arabia has financed the Al-Qaeda network. Certainly, their attack on the Pentagon was intended to start a war. A war that Al-Qaeda's backers believe they can profit from. The FBI has already stated that some of Al-Qaeda's members are American citizens. Multinational oil men with Saudi connections are determined to defeat the United States. Yes, it is the oil. Not because we need it. But because it is being used to finance terrorism. Should we stop it, or let it go on?

Dubya's dilemma is that he must allow America's enemies to profit, as the war against terrorism is being waged. And again, yes, it is the oil. What remains to be seen is who really has the upper hand within Al-Qaeda. Muslim fanatics or American benefactors? How does the multinational military industrial complex intend to use the Euro? While it was hyped that the Euro would be introduced into the global economy with a smooth passing, we now find ourselves in the most dangerous times since the eve of World War Two. 

Already there are signs of infighting, or competitiveness between colleagues of Al-Qaeda. Is Osama bin Laden really the boss? Or is Ayman Zawahiri the actual mastermind of the terrorist organization? And what of its American agents? Western oil men with Saudi interests. Sufi Knights of Mecca, or blood-simple traitors about to be carted off to secret court martial, without the codes of the Geneva Convention? The only sure solution to Dubya's dilemma is to let America's enemies profit. Sure, they'll make money from the war. That's why they started it, as they aim for a new world order. But they'll be defeated by the ideals of democracy. From infighting, among themselves. And their great wealth is our tomorrow.


"A forum for liberals and conservatives to discuss the issues that impact our world."


From: Yahoo! Groups 

Rumor Mill News

Another link in the Nazi regime was occult Islamic groups, who had
their own reasons for supporting persecution of Jews. The occult
Islamic factions had interactions with European occult orders going
back to the era of the Crusades, involving both conflict and
collaboration. The freemasons have the affiliated order of shriners,
which is based on Islamic occultism. Richard Hoagland of The
Enterprise Mission printed an article about the Occult Islamic
connection to September 11 and the Templars and Freemasons, as
America was established primarily by individuals involved in those
brotherhoods. On one level, these groups appear to be at war with
each other, yet at a higher level they are integrated. This is
mirrored by the public facade battle of Bush vs. Bin Laden, while
these 2 families have had extensive business connections of a
cooperative nature and stand to profit from war. For a thorough
examination of Islamic Occult influences on the Nazi regime, I
suggest reading the articles at the following site:


Was Osama bin Laden the "magic child" of Egyptian-born physician Ayman Mohammed Rabie Zawahiri and other Secret Chiefs? Why did bin Laden suddenly "transform" in 1989? 

As the Third Reich collapsed in the spring of 1945, the Russians were the first to enter Berlin and capture Adolf Hitler's bunker. Then, the Soviet Union made a series of contradictory statements or lies concerning Hitler's death... More > Go to Next Page >


The World Was Lied to 
About Hitler's Death

1, 2, 3, 4,


1, 2, 3, 4,


"As to my study of Islam, I got a sheikh to teach me Arabic and the practices of ablution, prayer and so on, so that at some future time I might pass for a Moslem among themselves ...my ability to fraternize fully with Mohammedans has proved of infinite use in many ways." -The Confessions of Aleister Crowley




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