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The Hidden Origins of Nazism (2)


Harpooning the HAARP

Twilight Polarization Reveals Invisible Cyprus HAARP Radiation

(Part 2) Turkey's Relations with Nazi Germany


Neutral countries 'helped Nazis'

BBC Tuesday, June 2, 1998 World: Americas

Neutral Nazi gold cash

A US State Department report says a number of countries regarded as neutral helped the Nazis during the Second World War by allowing Germany to purchase key supplies.

The report, which examines the fate of gold looted by the Nazis during the war, said four countries - Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey - were as crucial to the Nazi war effort as neighboring Switzerland.

It states the "neutrals" were paid for crucial commodities through the Swiss National Bank with gold that Hitler's troops had looted from other banks, and valuables stolen from Holocaust victims.

The report was the second by Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat who has headed US efforts to determine the fate of Nazi gold.

His first report, produced in May 1997, detailed how Switzerland assisted Hitler and then frustrated efforts to recover the Nazis' stolen gold after Germany's surrender.

The neutral's 'critical role'

The latest report describes Switzerland as a "financial facilitator", turning gold looted from Holocaust victims and conquered countries, into Swiss francs.

But it states that Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey "played an equally critical role in sustaining the war effort" by providing Nazi Germany with minerals essential for making weapons.

"You couldn't have had one without the other," Mr Eizenstat said.

"Clearly if the gold hadn't been transferred into Swiss francs, then they (Nazis) wouldn't have had a medium of exchange. On the other hand, if the other (neutral countries) hadn't supplied the raw materials, then the gold would not have been terribly useful."

Billions in trade

About $300 million in looted Nazi gold, worth $2.6 billion today, was used to pay Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Spain for war material. Three-quarters of the amount was transferred through the Swiss National Bank.

Portugal and Spain provided Germany with almost 100% of its wartime supply of wolfram - the essential mineral in processing tungsten for steel alloys used in machine tools and armaments.

Sweden provided Germany with a major portion, in some war years up to 90-100%, of the iron ore needed for weapons and armored vehicles and ball bearings.

Turkey sent chromites, including 100% of Germany's 1943 requirement, for hardening steel to make armor.

Sweden was also faulted in the report for allowing German soldiers to make 250,000 trips across its territory to reach Finland in order to fight against Soviet occupation forces.

The report concluded: "With the exception of Argentina, each of the wartime neutrals made a substantial contribution to the economic foundations of the Nazi war effort."

Trade continued through war

The report said the neutrals' trade with Germany ended only late in the war.

That was partly as a consequence of Allied embargoes and after the US and Britain were forced to try to deny supplies of essential wolfram and chromites by buying them at inflated prices on the open market.

However, the report also emphasized that several wartime neutral countries aided the Allied victory, including offering refuge to more than 250,000 Jews fleeing the Holocaust.


Washington, 02/06/1998 (MPA)

A US State Department report mentions that part of the Jewish gold seized by the Nazis during World War II was liquidated in Turkey and calls on Ankara to return it to its rightful owners with its current value.

In the report, which is being presented in Washington today, it is pointed out that during that time Germany, through two of its banks in Switzerland and Turkey, liquidated gold with a total value of 70 million dollars. The value of that gold today is estimated at 600 million dollars and it should be returned to the Jews, who survived the Holocaust or to their relatives.

The 200-page report was drawn up at the initiative of assistant US Secretary of State responsible for economic issues Stuart Aizestein and among others it mentions that together with Turkey, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal as well, supplied the Nazis with ammunition and raw material that were paid with money that came from the stolen Jewish gold.

Based on the report, Turkey's gold deposits before the war were 27 tons but after the war they reached 216 tons, as a result of the gold that was brought to the country by the Nazis.


Nazi Gold Finally Located

Worth billions today


Nazi gold worth about $7 billion at today's prices, found buyers in Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Some of the Nazi gold provided to Turkey came from the infamous "Melmer account" in which the SS deposited the gold jewelry, coins, bars, and dental fillings robbed from its victims at the killing centers and concentration camps. The U.S.-Turkish aid agreement of July 1947 doomed negotiations with Turkey over gold and assets. In that month Turkey was willing to return more than $3.4 million in gold, but was unwilling to accept further Allied demands for information. Eventually Turkey failed to return any monetary gold; nor did any proceeds from liquidated German external assets ever reach the Allies.

But the thieves won't give it back

Generally assumed by the popular press to have been concealed in South America, the missing Nazi war gold was recently discovered to be hidden in just the opposite direction: welcome to turkey town. As a financial result of Anatolia's stubborn refusal to comply with international calls to return the stolen war gold, in 2001 the Turkish lira lost almost half of its value in a single day.

Where Did They Go?

It is estimated that more than 250,000 Jews fleeing the Nazi Holocaust were offered refuge by the neutral European countries. Turkish archives indicate that Turkey harbored the most refugees, with more than 100,000 Jews passing through its borders during the war (only 21,000 refugees fleeing from Europe were accepted in the United States during the war).

But recent reports by the U.S. State Department say that Turkey actually assisted the Nazi war machine and received an unknown amount of looted gold - some of which was extracted from gold rings, watches, and dental work from death camp victims. In light of this, it is important to determine what ultimately became of the 100,000 Jews who sought refuge in Turkey.

Trade continued through war? Did they remain in Anatolia and form settlements? Did they flee to Palestine? Are there any precise Turkish records of the final places occupied by those persecuted Jews? Or is it possible that after being formally noted in official Turkish archives as 'refugees,' unspecified Jews were handed over to the Nazis who had established in Turkey one of the largest money-looting operations in history?

Millions of fake people! Local authorities seeking to boost their budgets resulted in Turkey counting at least 3.65 million non-existent people in a national census in 2000.  "It has been established so far that 3,651,000 people were recorded as imaginary population," Sefik Yildizeli, the country's chief statistician, told Reuters May 10, 2002.  Officials acknowledge that the 2000 census, which reported a national population of 64,059,000, was distorted by fake counts at scores of municipalities, whose state budgets are tied to population size. 

False notions of neutrality: The defeat of the Turkish-German coalition in World War I was the most devastating loss ever experienced by Ottoman authorities. It signaled the final collapse of their empire. It now appears that a residue of Ottoman agents provocateurs immediately began campaigning for a new German-forced holy war, or jihad, to retrieve their lost territories. But in the coming world war for living space in the east, Turkey would outwardly appear to remain neutral, fearing that its borders might become even smaller in the event of additional defeat.


After the September 11 Twin Towers attack, a manhunt for a terrorist suspect led authorities to an apartment in Detroit where they stumbled upon three men with airport ID badges, a wide array of false identification documents and a day planner with Arabic notations that suggested attacks being planned. 

Officials said the day planner contained plans for attacks on an airport and a plot to kill former U.S. defense secretary William Cohen during a visit to Turkey.

According to ABC news, Graham Allison, who tracked missing nuclear weapons for the US government, and most other experts say there is a thriving nuclear black market, in places such as Istanbul, Turkey.  

"There is a black market in weapons-grade uranium. There is a black market for weapons-grade plutonium. And there certainly is a market for radioactive material," said Freidrich Steinhausler one of the world's pre-eminent experts on  stolen nuclear materials. 

The occultist-astrologer Aleister Crowley also established a strong presence in Berlin before World War II. He was a Scottish member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, run by a charlatan called Mathers who financed his magical club with Turkish railway shares. Hitler's German tutor called herself S. H. Soror and was a disciple of Crowley.  One of Crowley's German secret societies - based on Ottoman Caliphate role play, assumed identities, and sex magic - was known as O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis). Crowley declared that the Silver Star (S.S.) was his grand occult school, in succession to the mission of Mohammed.

During a museum visit in Egypt with his wife Rose Kelly, Crowley was attracted to an ancient Egyptian artifact with exhibit number 666. Shortly later an entity known as Aiwass dictated "The Book of the Law" to Crowley. The book expounds a spiritual path called Thelema, the Greek word for "the will."

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." 

A member of the OTO wrote to Adolf Hitler on behalf on Crowley, suggesting that Thelema was the best choice for the national religion of the Third Reich. Hitler summoned an up-and-coming movie director named Leni Riefenstahl and asked her to film the entire week-long 1934 Nazi rally at Nuremberg. Her film of the Nuremberg rally bore the title personally chosen by Hitler, "Triumph of the Will," and became one of the most powerful propaganda statements ever made. As a pseudo-religious movement, the "triumph of Thelema" became political gold, symbolizing the dynasty Hitler claimed would survive for the next thousand years

"Before Hitler was, I am." - Aleister Crowley

The Rosicrucian Frater Perdurabo, the Great Beast 666 (Therion), the Gnostic Magus Ipsissimus, the Persian sufi Abdullah al Haji, Fo-hi (a Chinese god), Osiris (an Egyptian god), Paramahansa (the divine Swan), Alastor the Wanderer of the Waste, and Count Vladimir Svareff (a Russian nobleman) were only a few of the many roles Aleister Crowley chose for himself. Claiming to be an Illuminati master of disguise, Crowley displayed acute schizophrenic symptoms of split or alternating personalities. But the role he played best was a secret he would only give hints of.

Like the film thriller Hannibal Lecter, Crowley was always proud to stand accused of cannibalism. Like the Turkish killer Keyser Soze, he delighted in concealing himself and communicating through his lawyer. Guided by his invisible soldier-god Aiwass, yet inflicted by a guilty conscience, Crowley once spoke of how he received a 'spirit' prediction concerning his ritualistic desire for war:

"The storm center of the first would be Turkey, and that of the second would be Germany, and the result would be the destruction of these two nations." - Aleister Crowley

Click for special report: "Conspiracy One"

"U.S. cryonics?" asked the bald peeping man.

"A failure," he asserted. "The Americans still can't revive anyone yet."

In October of 1942, Germany's senior aviation doctors met at Nuremberg to consider one of the most extraordinary breakthroughs of modern science. At that meeting, Professor George Weltz presented secret research in the new field of cryogenics,
the science that deals with production of low temperatures.

The secret site was Dachau concentration camp, cell block number five, where the operation of freezing human beings was conducted by Dr. Sigmund Rascher. The most remarkable point of Rascher's experiment was not the actual freezing, but the successful resuscitation of a frozen prisoner.

"On regaining consciousness, the victim immediately began to have intercourse." Weltz announced to the stunned assembly.

The next round of tests was transferred to Auschwitz.

In December of 1998, certain governments moved to outlaw the computer game "Carmageddon," in which the driver of a vehicle is awarded points for killing innocent people. On the cover of the CD-ROM was the angry portrait of a bald peeping man with an earring. The Alice turkey. Cryog man. 123 years old. Cryogenically preserved. Stalked the Queen of Hearts in a Paris tunnel.

Popular rumor would have us believe that after discovering a way of freezing and resuscitating human beings, German scientists decided to discard their invention.

July 6 2002 - A day after the death of baseball great Ted Williams, a dispute arose over what to do with his body, as Williams’ estranged daughter said her half-brother planned to freeze the Hall of Famer’s body - possibly in hopes of selling his DNA in the future for cloning purposes. “He said the way they’re going with medical science and DNA, we could freeze dad’s body, or we can freeze his head.”

A Tight-knit Secret Brotherhood

The "Grey Wolves" terrorists have a well-established underground network in the Turkish community of Germany with nearly a hundred branches and thousands of members. "This makes it one of the largest fascist terrorist organizations in Europe," says Paul Wilkinson, an adviser to western governments and a long-standing expert on international terrorism. "The Grey Wolves have a reputation for being a tight-knit secret brotherhood that will always look after its own." The assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II was by a Turkish fascist, Mehmet Ali Agca, convicted of murder and on the run from the Turkish authorities. The 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was by Palestinian-born Sirhan Sirhan, a man motivated by Ottoman fascist delusions. Some observers have suggested that the tragic death of Princess Diana was not a design against her, but against her millionaire companion Dodi Al Fayed, by a terrorist underground network.

Luciano Cheles, Ronnie Ferguson, and Michalina Vaughan of Lancaster University have recently studied the violent rivalries between neo-nazi groups in Germany. Much publicity has been centered on German skinheads, "producing stickers in both German and Turkish," who claim responsibility for several attacks on competing Turkish brotherhoods in Germany. Their victims are usually random households, singled out to set examples within the foreign communities.

9/11 Origin?

The idea of a national emergency reporting number started in the late 60’s when the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement advised  that an emergency telephone number be set up. The numbers of 9-1-1 were established and reserved for this purpose by AT&T. In 1973 the Office of Telecommunications Policy issued a national policy report identifying the benefits of 911 and encouraging nationwide adoption of the number. Through the years 911 has become known around the United States. 

Did the plotters of the September 11 attack have inside access to America's 911 Emergency Telephone Database System?

Was the 9/11 attack the reverse side of 11/9?

November 9 was Beer Hall Putsch, the "holiest day of Nazism."

It coincided with:

November 10, Muslim Shab-E-Barat, (subject to moon calendar). "Molana spoke of the significance of this night, the night in which Rasulallah was instructed to change the direction of prayer from Al-Masjid al-Aqsa (Jerusalem) towards Al-Masjid al-Haraam (Mecca)." If the Munich Beer Hall rebels had succeeded,  the date Nazism would have seized all of Germany would probably have been November 10. But the Shab-E-Barat pseudo-holiday is not actually acknowledged by academic Islam or the Koran. It represents extremist Muslim views. Their war against God of Israel.

Aleister Crowley had a foolish fondness of using Skinhead Pubs and Anarchist Beer Halls to make special announcements. His family fortune came from the brewing of Crowley's Ale. Aleister Crowley's Masonic popularity reached a high level during the US Prohibition. Free beer in Munich, on the house.

  September 11 is a commemorative date for Ottoman Militancy  

On that day in 1922 the Turks destroyed the city of Smyrna (Izmir), which was home to the last intact Christian community in Anatolia. It was razed to the ground and thousands of Greeks and Armenians were murdered. Many thousands more fled into permanent exile:

I returned to Smyrna later and was there up until the evening of September 11, 1922, on which date the city was set on fire by the [Turkish] army... and a large part of its population done to death, and I witnessed the development of that Dantesque tragedy, which possesses few, if any parallels in the history of the world.  -George Horton, Consul of the United States in the Near East


 According to William L. Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1950), Hitler confirmed that the political situation in Muslim Turkey was favorable to Nazism: "Since Kemal's death, Turkey has been ruled by small minds, unsteady, weak men."

 The Swastika & the Crescent
by Martin A. Lee || Author's Links    

In the wake of Sept. 11, new light is thrown on the international ties increasingly linking Muslim and neo-Nazi extremists (from the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Intelligence Report," Spring 2002).

Before World War II, Western fascists began to forge ideological and operational ties to Islamic extremists. Over the years, these contacts between Nazis and Muslim nationalists developed into dangerous networks that have been implicated in a number of bloody terrorist attacks in Europe and the Middle East. Wealthy Arab regimes have financed extremists in Europe and the United States, just as Western neo-Nazis have helped to build Holocaust denial machinery in the Arab world.

©1999-2002 Exquisite Corpse


An Anti-Semitic website that features official Nazi propaganda newsreels recently listed the "Jewish Mechanisms" it claims were set up to destroy the white race:

Socialism is despised mainly because its teacher, Karl Marx, was of Jewish descent. Both the religions of Judaism and Christianity are regarded as inferior and dangerous to white society. But Islam is not even listed here, although it is also traditionally linked to Abraham (Ibrahim, the first Jew), through his son Ishmael. 
This tell-tale omission serves to remind us how furtively Ottoman jihad has been implanted in the West, particularly among the North European Germanic peoples, for over five hundred years. The reality is clouded by the fact that prominent Jews played leading roles in Ottoman diplomacy after their expulsion from Spain. Modern Israel and Turkey have maintained a strategic military alliance since 1994. Journalist Israel Shamir recently suggested that Jews, like Germans, should attend programs of de-Nazification. Important Jews contributed to Ottoman expansionism, but its political system has been outlawed.



A Brand New Breed?

THE ABUSE of capitalist wealth has always been a favorite topic of dissident journalists. For decades we have listened to rather odd and capricious warnings of the unseen dangers presented to the lower classes by such wealthy families as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. We were even warned that multinational corporations, Bilderberg fraternities, and large oil companies would not hesitate to start great wars in order to secure more power for their greedy executives. But now let's take a small glimpse into the future and consider what might happen when a brand new breed of entrepreneur takes over.

The person we refer to in our future scenario is the wealthiest man in the world. There is no need to guess his name. He's the guy next door. Clean-cut, cheery and wholesome. His rise to power was rapid and unprecedented. Not until after his damage was done did some people finally begin to seriously voice the unthinkable. But by then it was too late. His business was technology, of course. And the promise of social well-being and prosperity to all who bought his product. Almost everyone bought it. Rich and poor alike used it to partake in his wonderful revolution. 

He was the most powerful man in the world. But it was soon discovered that he had abused his power, creating offensive monopolies within the free market, and forcing his competitors out of work. When Congress and the White House intervened to stop his crimes, he raged against the State with fury and vowed to forcibly impeach the president. A new puppet would be installed, easily manipulated, an un-elected president of his choice. Could not Congress understand? Washington's petty bureaucrats were nothing in his eyes. He was the wealthiest man on earth. Who could dare to rule against him?

He was the most secretive  man in the world. When the generals of the Pentagon requested to see the inner workings of his product for the sake of national security, he spoke out madly in convulsions of wild and passionate anger. He vowed to establish a most sublime tyranny. More terrible than Nero, his digital dictatorship would be enforced throughout the world. Were the generals all blind? Did they not fear the embodiment of his unseen power? Huxley and Orwell had written boldly of his coming. He was the most secretive man on earth. Who could dare to stand against him?

He was the wealthiest man in the world. When dealers of Wall Street and world trade barons learned that the courts had ruled against his crimes, they cheered. His monopoly would be broken soon, they thought, bringing untold billions into their accounts. But instead, a late-summer morning changed the course of human history. The planet was all his. And to prove it, he secretly fought back one terrible day. 

Fifty million tons of steel and concrete knocked down the barons of world trade who sought to take his fabled wealth. A shower of fire and brimstone crippled the Pentagon generals who wanted to steal his operating secrets. 

On that dreadful morning, the most powerful man on earth decided to spend his time idly in bed, but an unexpected phone call moved him from a relaxed position. "What do you mean, Washington is safe?" he nervously shouted into the cipher-strength encryption handset. Congress and the White House were supposed to burn on his altar of scorn and disgrace. The most critical aspect of his mission - to punish stupid officials of public affairs who challenged his power to rule - had failed. 

The error would cost him millions in legal fees. But the strike he already dealt against his enemies was so swift and so devastating that the world began to see things his way. He would not have to break up his company after all. He was still known to run the wealthiest illegal monopoly on earth, but there would be no attempts to detain him. Instead, he would be regarded as a paragon of service and usefulness. 'Security' had now become his new buzzword; forcing the removal of constitutional rights, searches without warrants, and secret arrests without lawyers. By a 'magical' coincidence, he already had the necessary technology at hand to subject every citizen to restrictive controls and to closely monitor everyone with the electronic surveillance schemes of his corrupt vision. The public would have to accept the loss of constitutional rights for the sake of security until his strange, new war was won. But they knew it would take a very long time, perhaps several decades. These security issues have created consumer problems that are handled by a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney and others in the legal profession.


That evening he met with his fellow warriors, fraudulent captains of industry who had sided with him. They gathered in their secret grove wearing fez caps, horned masks and Sufi costume robes. It was absolutely true that immoral chiefs of Islam had attacked the free world. But these were western businessmen, abusive capitalists having bohemian fun in excess. The brethren of Babylon, the darlings of the right wing. They called themselves Worshipful Masters, Knights of Mecca, Elective Divan, Mystics of the Crescent Moon and the Morning Star Lucifer. 

They feasted and discussed details of the day's victorious events, boasting of how the brainwashed thugs were systematically stupefied to perform their suicidal missions. The frightened people of the free world knew that perverts of Islam had committed an unspeakable act of terror. But they believed that their enemies were foreign illiterates, diseased men hiding in caves, unable to afford even a pair of shoes.

Somewhere in a private estate beyond a densely populated city of skyscrapers, western businessmen were having fun. Talking of motives. The scoundrels of Islam frolicked in their enchanted realm, staggering from alcohol, electronic music, and lascivious orgies. One by one, the brethren of Babylon bowed to the wealthiest man in the world, confirming their solemn oaths of loyalty and silence. He was the most powerful man on earth. There was no need to guess his name. He was the guy next door. Clean-cut, cheery and wholesome. And his favorite word was "cool."

We 'adn't good regalia,
An' our Lodge was old an' bare,
But we knew the Ancient Landmarks,
An' we kep' 'em to a hair;
An' lookin' on it backwards
It often strikes me thus,
There ain't such things as infidels,
Excep', per'aps, it's us. 

The Mother Lodge 
Rudyard Kipling 

IMAGINE going to the local post office, to mail a simple greeting card, and learning that you must first disclose confidential information, including your name, age, address, occupation, annual income, and marital status. Would you not object to such unwanted snooping?

Imagine going to a corner newsstand, to buy your morning paper, and being told that before you can read the news you must first reveal sensitive details about yourself, including your reading habits, political affiliations, sexual preferences, and whatever stocks or shares you might own. Would you not resent such prying into your affairs?

This is exactly what has happened to the Internet. To send e-mail, and in many cases to even read the online news, you are required to register. This practice grew out of the 1990s as the "department store" rules of various websites, completely outside of the law. The excuse for doing so was to collect marketing information for advertising purposes and to guard against would-be hackers. But no serious hackers ever reveal their identities. The truth is that Internet users have been secretly profiled in an illegal violation of privacy that is unparalleled and unprecedented in history. As the criminal practice grew, it became necessary to shield it with the approval of careless politicians, by kickbacks and other payments for help or favors. When the matter finally came to the attention of federal courts, a reckless scheme was mysteriously launched.

In a single day, constitutional rights that stood for over two hundred years were effectively banished. Not by coincidence, the politicians who enforced this far-reaching change were partners of the corporate leaders who began the illicit trend. Welcome to Fatherland Security. Anyone who protested against the denial of basic rights could be stigmatized as being unpatriotic and secretly arrested without legal aid. Even the Freedom of Information Act was due to be abolished in this case so the truth could not be known by future generations. The conspirators at first were not concerned that mass murder was at the heart of the issue; things simply got out of control, causing more damage than they had intended. But later they were very concerned indeed, advancing hasty, highly strung actions that betrayed their true motives.

The originators of the surveillance plot thought they were exceptional geniuses. But they were merely common clerks, trying to impose their simple-minded electronic profiling designs upon the wider scope of global political principles. They believed that by supplying funds to their military footmen, they could impose the denial of basic rights upon other great lands of the world and disregard foreign sovereignty to consolidate a digital dictatorship. Little did they understand that their nation was but a minority in the vast population of humanity, and that they would suffer the same disastrous fate as all the tyrants before them.

Did the plotters of the September 11 attack have inside access to America's 911 Emergency Telephone Database System?

FBI chiefs resign 

                    Who has your email address? 
Some internet website owners require us to register with them and disclose our personal details to access their sites. We are assured that our private information will only be used to arrange for some better advertisements which we could possibly be targeted for in the future. And since business is business, most of us will just shrug it off and disregard any mental suggestions of unlawful or harmful plots. 
We unwarily agree to register, submitting a full and particular account of our confidential lives. Then we sit idly back to perhaps receive the better advertising we might soon be blessed with.
But when email scammers finally begin flooding our inbox, we're shocked to find there really aren't any better advertisements the websites had so graciously promised. A breach of contract? 
In fact, many of the email announcements we receive are outright obscene. They're usually introduced by a wave of "get a date quick" advertisements. Followed by the more impudent "adult leather and lace" offers. Until we finally arrive at the "more free sex than you can handle" temptations. The rearguard of the disturbing campaign is full of "hot teen" invocations and encounter-invitations for pedophilia, some of which are certainly deranged and criminal. 
After deleting dozens of smut ads each week, we are stunned by the fact that our initial safety feelings were true after all: Perpetrators of unlawful or harmful plots now have our personal email addresses. Dangerous strangers are secretly keeping digital files on us.

        Who are these people and what do they want? 
It has recently been reported that software companies are assisting government agencies in a vast surveillance plan to monitor internet computers and to secretly collect and report information about various people who surf the web. But the lawfulness of such a huge spy initiative is being openly questioned by international human rights watch groups. 
Strangely enough, the webmaster of a pornographic website recently came into prominence when he declared to the press that he had "hacked" into the website of a notorious Islamic militant group. We can only wonder: Is "adult content" email advertising being used as the bug or key to surveillance software? If so, perhaps this could help explain why some of the most offensive ads don't appear to be selling anything whatsoever. If you do reply to their annoying email, you will find yourself taken to a "dead link" or confronted with a stark message saying: "The following address had permanent fatal errors." 
Who are these people and what do they want? Lately, the FBI has suffered a series of setbacks, including high profile resignations of its anti-terrorism chiefs, and it therefore has failed to satisfactorily answer our questions. But if the issue is not settled or clarified soon enough, the power and extortion of payment in return for silence internet spy corporations may ultimately seize will be so immense and so costly, that certain legal rights which guarantee our freedom of privacy will probably need to be erased. Indeed, some of our constitutional entitlements already are said to be reaching the vanishing-point.

"Traditionally getting electronic records, which can include your actual emails, has required a warrant, and companies that handed over such information without that warrant could face penalties. The Patriot Act created an exception to that requirement...

These changes make it much easier for law enforcement officials to access previously difficult-to-obtain personal information without a warrant. After all, if a danger no longer has to be imminent to eliminate the need for court oversight, when will a warrant be needed?"

- The Nation

* * * * * * *

"There will be no notification of the public when personal information is collected or how it’s being used or whether it’s being added to a profiling system to detect some type of anomaly."

- Newsweek

* * * * * * *

- Security or Blueprints?  We are told that obtaining electronic records and accessing personal information without a warrant is sometimes necessary when confronting terrorism (sorry, in rare cases even democracy must be suspended). But there is also widespread concern that some commercial partners of the Patriot Act could try to mine correspondence and email for marketable ideas, future project plans, or patent blueprints (intellectual property) in a coming wave of corporate espionage to empower executives seeking to monopolize industry (So don't be surprised to see fewer and fewer companies - as if by magic - coming out with the brightest, newest, cutting-edge ideas for the consumer market.)

  • Security? Despite patriotic rhetoric and the mining of personal information, government programs to deal with terrorism are seriously under-funded. US nuclear reactors are still not safe from attack. American troops lack sufficient equipment and armor - as well as paychecks. Vaccine supplies are still low (while the anthrax threat has almost been forgotten by the public).

  • Blueprints? Companies favored by the current administration to rebuild Iraq, such as Haliburton, are accused of overcharging the US government millions of dollars. Leading British firms complain they are not taken into account when bidding for Iraq reconstruction contracts, even though Britain was America's main coalition partner.

Big Brother Blunder

A new technology called RFID (radio frequency identification) will soon replace bar codes at retail checkout points. RFID tags are tiny microchips, smaller than a grain of sand. Such RFID tags don't have batteries. They listen for a radio query and respond by transmitting their unique ID code using the power from the initial radio signal. RFID tags will first be used inside retail outlets by suppliers like Wal-Mart to track crates and storing loads. But retailers also want to use them on consumer goods. Here is where their Big Brother Blunder will finally create some very dangerous legal problems.

At issue are the judicial definitions of "purchase" and "ownership." The problem will become even more apparent when private individuals begin to tinker, placing RFID tags on used items or hand-made goods. When, for example, we sell our used car to a neighbor we automatically forfeit ownership of that car and have no right to track it with hidden microchip tags. Doing so would be a criminal offence. How retailers expect to get away with it will be very interesting to see. If the tagged item is government property or the property of a company we work for, that's beyond our control. But if it's something we purchased, we should be able to claim full protection of ownership rights, unless our vital constitutional rights are changed to something resembling corporate communism. 

Some companies led by Procter & Gamble are opposing RFID legislation and want to keep RFID tags active after checkout to match shoppers' personal information with particular items. A German company has already produced washable RFID tags designed to be sewn into clothing. Michelin, which manufactures car tires, is planning to insert RFID tags into its wheels to be tracked anywhere they travel. 

This will make it easy for companies and government investigators to establish the whereabouts of citizens by reading the active tags on purchased items in private and public places. But such actions will be obtrusively illegal under existing laws of trade. 

Perhaps their only legal loophole will be to inform consumers that the purchase of a product will not transfer full ownership rights to them, but only the right to "use" a tagged product, which can still be tracked by the retailer as its legal owner.  

Can this Big Brother Blunder pass the cricket test? Will anyone be able to "tinker" and secretly put their own RFID tags on used items they resell? We hardly think so. More likely will be common lawsuits and global boycotts.


People throughout the world today are aware of certain uneasy facts: Osama bin Laden was originally in alliance with the CIA and a family client of the Bush oil industry. What caused bin Laden to "transform" in 1989?

We also know that Ayman Mohammed Rabie Zawahiri and other Secret Chiefs of Al Qaeda made "charity" fund-raising visits to the United States. Who entertained them in America? The recent arrests of "streetwise terrorists" have not persuaded  many observers. The wealthy American hosts of Al Qaeda were obviously influential people in learned or scientific professions, many of them US citizens.


Members of Grand Orient Freemasonry may insist they are pro-British and American patriots. But the charity organizations they belong to are not. They are based on Muslim Sufi symbolism and the hierarchical ranks of Ottoman militancy. Their fraternal legacy comes from the Turkish siege of Vienna and conquest of the Danube. Their sublime "Illuminati" mystery is a centuries-old intention to remove Judeo-Christianity and subjugate the West to jihad. Some of their supporters are also Nazi sympathizers. 

A Secret for Over 50 Years: Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush – George W. Bush’s grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act. 
On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a director. Bush, E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates, and three Nazi executives owned the bank’s shares. Eight days later, the Roosevelt administration seized two other corporations managed by Prescott Bush. The Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both managed by the Bush-Harriman bank, were accused by the US federal government of being front organizations for Hitler’s Third Reich. Again, on November 8, 1942, the federal government seized Nazi-controlled assets of Silesian-American Corporation, another Bush-Harriman company doing business with Hitler. Another story has circulated that in 1918, Prescott Bush and two companions crept into the cemetery near Fort Sill and pried open the grave of Geronimo, the Apache Indian warlord. His head was allegedly taken to Yale University and its secret Skull and Bones Society.
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Khalid bin Mahfouz, a financier of both George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden, still maintains a palatial estate in Houston, Texas. Former President George Bush also lives in Houston. James Bath, Texas political confidant of George W. Bush, managed to obtain a $1.4 million loan from Mahfouz in 1990. Bath and Mahfouz, along with former Secretary of Treasury John Connally, were also co-investors in Houston’s Main Bank. Bath was also president of Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd, a Texas air charter company registered in the Cayman Islands. According to published reports in the early 1990s, the real owner was bin Mahfouz. When Salem bin Laden, Osama’ brother, died in 1988, his interest in the Houston Gulf Airport was transferred to bin Mahfouz. Copyright: American Freedom News

Did some US companies really make money on airlines stocks a day before the September 11 attacks?  Why does the FBI view the suburbs of Seattle Washington as a hotbed of Al Qaeda operatives?

We cannot help but wonder how Ottoman-based secret societies became so firmly entrenched in the financial affairs of modern Europe and the United States. There is certainly nothing wrong with preserving the vivid myths, oral traditions, and literature of our distant past....  More > Go to Next Page >

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