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What Russian officials say is a fragment of Adolf Hitler's skull went on display in April, 2000, at Russia's Federal Archives Service.  The display of the four-inch bone fragment with a hole where a bullet supposedly penetrated Hitlers left temple serves as evidence and coincided with the 55th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

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According to Associated Press reports, the director of Russia's State Archive said "it is authentic." But an official at Russia's Forensic Medicine Institute archives department said he had "not seen documents providing evidence that this is the skull of Hitler.'' So far, there seems to be no conclusive evidence.


New Facts Under Investigation

Visible portion of mattress in the 
above photo corresponds to destroyed 
part of mattress in the Lycabettus bunker.

Photo of mattress indicates that the force of the gunshot passed out of the hostage's back left temple area, and onto the floor. Top part of blood-soaked mattress was destroyed by fire or chemically decomposed before being discovered.

For more on this bunker discovery see: Photographic Trickery and the Likelihood of  Fraud http://www.blackraiser.com/redoubt/avenge.htm

The Hidden Origins of Nazism

New file: Farm Hall - nuclear secrecy?

Current Summary:

Theory: (Stay tuned to coming world press releases.) The real Adolf Hitler was a hostage (at Pasewalk Hospital) for most of the duration of the Second World War. His double, or impostor who assumed his identity, needed to prove "Hitler was dead" and escape if the plot to destroy European Jewry failed (as it finally did).

Masonic Turkish Ottoman influences in Germany were opposed to Britain's Balfour Declaration which allowed the return of Palestine to the Jews. The Ottoman Turks had "conquered" the Holy Land and wanted to keep it under Moslem rule. Hence, a "final solution."
The real Hitler was a living guinea pig for binary fission, fully awake. Don't forget that the Nazi nuclear reactor (still not found?) was what started the atomic bomb race in the first place. Hitler's burnt remains had to be destroyed because THEY WERE RADIOACTIVE.
Suspect: Aleister Crowley - Nazi without a moustache (try it with a digital paint-retouch program). Self-proclaimed antichrist (Beast 666) of human history. OTO magus-wizard of Satanism. Note: his real name was Edward... From Edward to "Allah's Turk" Crowley? Today every publisher knows Crowley killed Hitler - in book sales.

In the world media, Charlie Chaplin's famous 1940s film The Great Dictator gave its viewers a powerful hint that Adolf Hitler had a double or look-alike. The popular 1980s novel by Colin Forbes, The Leader and the Damned, also suggested that an impostor was the real reason for Hitler's drastic change in behavior and personality. In fact, according to the OSS' Hitler Source-Book, Newsweek and other magazine articles of the early 1940s were often filled with headlines about Hitler's impersonator, double, or crackpot. It was even once reported that the chancellor's look-alike was allegedly killed by a bomb under his chair. So who was the notorious double? And what became of the real Hitler?

More recently, the noted author Colin Wilson made a stark comparison between Adolf Hitler and the Masonic occultist Aleister Crowley in Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast. A similar analogy can be found in the best-selling 1960s book, The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. In the 1980s, New Age skeptic Peter Lemesurier likewise expressed similarities between Hitler and Crowley (as antichrist) in Beyond all Belief. But it was the OTO Sumerian black magician Crowley himself who boasted: "Before Hitler was, I am." He once wrote that Adolf Hitler was his "magic child" or guinea pig. Crowley, who spoke several foreign languages and loved to assume prestigious false identities, often implied that he was the secret originator or turban-wearing "wizard" of Nazi ideology, and wrote in his autobiography that at his birth a few hair strands on his chest formed into a swastika. Strangely enough, his real name was not Aleister, but Edward Alexander Crowley. From Edward to "Allah's Turk" Crowley?



It is important that this body of evidence not be forgotten by future generations.

They should have kicked it. They should have kicked that mattress across the floor. But why dirty their boots? With radioactive oxide.

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The Hidden Origins of Nazism

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Recently released war records reveal the use of a “political decoy” (doppelganger or body-double) –– a look-alike trained to impersonate Hitler in order to draw attention away from him and deal with risks on his behalf.

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It is documented that the Nazi Fuhrer vetted at least four doubles. 
Peter Fotis Kapnistos
details their names, their peace-time occupations, their deaths, and an uncivil escape to South America…


Pope Sixtus VI: An Inglorious Guide To Hitler’s Doubles (2013) 


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